One hour Collection of the best billiard shots.

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  1. nicetryasshole says:

    of course it was a lucky shot and u know nothing about billiard

  2. jannboy326 says:

    hey you know what efren says about them lucky shots.. if the shot was made, then its possible, hence, can be learned..=)

  3. Brahmanfire says:

    idiots, the first shot was a 2 bank kick………..the luck came in the carom off the 3 and position on the 2…but when you make an incredibly difficult kick shot like he did on the 1 how are you gonna whine about a good roll? Losers

  4. forcefollow says:

    Holy shit.

  5. Sibfur says:


    I love ur vids!!! can’t believe i spot u watching this in a day ago im one of ur subs. haha so cool! Learned alot from ur vids!

    Hey forcefoolow!!

  6. SnareBuff says:

    Hearing Efren say “push” was so funny. His teeth kinda whistled lol.

  7. Kenwolf21 says:

    I know nothing about billiards?

    Please, if you would, explain to me another way for him to make the one in that was easier than that, and still get positioning on the two.

    I’d love to hear it. Thanks 🙂

  8. miko162k6 says:

    7:40 he got lucky…

  9. benisuef2 says:

    Efren is legend!

  10. spLiffyFOUR20 says:

    i dont get it… at 526 wen he shoots it and only hits the rail… why does he get to go agian if he didnt make anything?

  11. spLiffyFOUR20 says:

    lol pause it at 6.27 hes givin the other guy the… ”i got an itch on my face” / fuck u with the finger

  12. Ravindra9689 says:


    He called push. Means you can do w/e. It’s good to put the ball in a place the opponent wouldn’t wan to shoot from but you know that you can do something with. The opponent let him go again. you can only do this after the break. At no other point in the game can you do this.

  13. IHeartUnicorns says:

    its called a push

  14. IHeartUnicorns says:

    ummm what i mean is you can only do that off the break and we call it a push…

  15. xul99 says:

    Check out the body movement at 0:50.. now that’s style..

  16. colomblanco says:

    Some of these shots are just luck.

  17. biftalato2 says:

    @colomblanco you right

  18. XanderCage says:

    @colomblanco if you think that they’re only a matter of luck, you’ve got no idea about pool.
    Maybe cue ball’s final position can not be determined with precission when you play positions like that (like the first position) and there’s a minimal luck factor ther, but the stroke, strength and possibilities are calculated…

  19. colomblanco says:

    @XanderCage Hey Xander, shut up.

  20. XanderCage says:

    @colomblanco hahaha Confirmed! you’ve got no idea…

  21. colomblanco says:

    @XanderCage How did you manage to confirm anything? Just because I think you should go back to your cage and suck a dick?

  22. XanderCage says:

    @colomblanco you want to suck me what???… no thanks, your mom take care of my dick. Go to play and learn something about pool before talking and reply again

  23. colomblanco says:

    Your mom sucks your dick? That’s weird man, but I’m talking about the dicks you suck. Don’t flatter yourself because the guys at the pool hall tell you your good. They just heard about your free dick suckings.

  24. XanderCage says:

    @colomblanco you’re incredibly boring, you must have a big complex to talk always about sucking dicks, man… again, go to play and learn something about pool

  25. WolfieTed says:

    I could make an hour video of great shots with efferen reyes, a camera, a pool table and one hour! 😀

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