One hour Collection of the best billiard shots.

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  1. 23HxCJosh says:

    @terminator734 lolz it because the pros are doing it…i mean its not that hard to hit a 15 foot jump shot, but when kobe does it the crowd goes crazy

  2. CrowKaneII says:

    i just wanna know y in #5 the dude shot twice, cuz he missed the first time…

  3. curnelsandlers says:

    stupid .

  4. hubertandclyde says:

    @CrowKaneII Ever think that the one who shot the first shot was his opponent…idiot.

  5. AntivirusAV says:

    i can do better …

  6. bird80 says:

    It’s the things the hackers don’t notice that makes these shots good. These are not trick shots, these guys are runnung out under pressure in international competition! I would give any of these table layouts to any of you talking trash and bet my bankroll 95% of you couldn’t get out.

  7. Syncness says:

    @CrowKaneII The other guy is allowed to ask them to shoot again providing they made a foul.

  8. st1k says:


    people like you, only think of what’s infront of them,
    not how the cue’s set up after for the next shots.

  9. notalokaALxD says:

    en esas mesas juegan billar???? en peru aiii mejores jugadors q todos esos payasos q se iaman campeones! perdedores cualkiera hace billar en esa mesa choclona

  10. Bl4ckSting says:

    yea ima go play omgpop pool

  11. MrMagicisfun says:

    this is shit

  12. Lepo93 says:

    this is truly bull shit.

  13. ProductionSurvival says:

    what the hell you expected from this video?
    you realize that you have no idea ….
    It is in these videos to the excellent position to deliver the game the player pool. It should be a time of David, Efren Reyes against one. Efren would be winning. make a pool player can play much better than the pinnacle of snooker.
    you notice that and that is the reason why Ronnie O’Sullivan love to play pool tournaments and also happy to play along because it is a bigger challenge for him…
    good video thump up

  14. stringriffer00 says:

    sensational jump shot by cory duel

  15. sosaricky82 says:

    this has to be the stupidest video ever

  16. liarobe says:

    9:27 to skip the shit

  17. crazyyankyisback says:

    he hit the fucking titty and gets lucky and the place goes nuts get the fuck outta here with this 2 year in shit 9 on the break 5 outta 10 times now thats a video worth seeing oh thats my video on a 9 ft brunswick or was it at mr qs or was it at the nc invatations i dont remember i do it so much

  18. 0xXCSSXx0 says:

    @liarobe thanks

  19. liarobe says:

    @0xXCSSXx0 XD

  20. TheJam4u says:

    all the dudes in this video r scary muthafuckers

  21. nNorthWestern says:

    @terminator734 hmm i wonder why…. well its because you really really dont know s*** about this game or any other cue sport sir

    anyway great shots i guess you need to know physics and the game to appreciate

  22. kirara5202 says:

    those who say this is shit don’t know anything about billiards.

  23. alexpola says:

    @terminator734 most of them.. not all

  24. 08SCOOTER says:

    @crazyyankyisback he didnt hit tit fuck stick, bank carom cross table n the side

  25. crazyyankyisback says:

    not only are you an idiot, your blind FUCK TARD AND GET A LIFE TROLL.

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