The Baltimore Bullet Intro (opening and first scene)

Opening and first scene of the movie The Baltimore Bullet (1980).

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  1. recoyle says:

    Wow, I’ve heard of this film but never seen any of it. Not exactly The Hustler, but hey, all those cameos by the real pros would be cool to see. I count eight BCA Hall of Famers listed in the credits!

  2. kscileli says:

    This is really a BAD movie, but the pool scenes are fun to watch; they use a bunch of setup (trick) shots.

  3. zzzfore says:

    I saw this a long time ago and don’t remember anything about it. I guess it made no impression on me. Looks like fun though.

  4. Wrathbone13 says:

    Oh jeez it’s the chick from Space Mutiny…

  5. MichaelDanePetersen says:

    It is a BAD movie, it’s like porn for pool players. Still fun to watch.

  6. ntguy73 says:


  7. kscileli says:

    wow…and here I thought it was his bowling shoes.

  8. bobshark123 says:

    you’re right…..

  9. 80spoop72 says:

    “Remember Kid, I taught you everything you know, but NOT everything I know”

  10. RICHIEBSQUI says:

    This is a good film – Ok, its not a classic (like The Hustler), but its definitely not a bad movie.

  11. demonbre says:

    Seriously, WTF?
    Were they allowed to do that back then? The cue between her tits?

  12. bobbyfozz says:

    It’s a fun movie. The music is terrible, but similar to all movies of this kind in that era. The babes, the players, the stars, all fun.

  13. onemorebrando says:

    That blonde looks like a lot of fun.

  14. bobshark123 says:

    i like the way coburn isnt a pool player

  15. TheJcanno8 says:

    whole movie? pretty please?

  16. NAMTRIP says:

    @kscileli Steve Mizerak would wipe the floor with James Coburn,Ive never seen this before,was that Alan Hopkins?I read some where that Alan Hopkins had 300 plus runs in straight pool,and we all know the Miz was like a 3 time world champion.
    looks like they are using set shots,from what I can tell.

  17. bobshark123 says:

    @NAMTRIP what type of cock are you? its a fuckin film!! but to get back to your point, Coburn would have taken him

  18. NAMTRIP says:

    @bobshark123 Coburn could NEVER beat the MIZ,Dude,Steve Mizerak was a world champion,3 times over,Coburn was an actor.
    What kind of cock am I???,I dont know,what kinds are there?

  19. bobshark123 says:

    @NAMTRIP it’s a film, do you know what films are? ask your sister, shes been in quite a few. Nice girl too, very clean.

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