Teen Pool Trick Shots

AJ Kool and Austin Ryan both 14, doing pool trick shots.

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  1. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    Great improvement. Keep working on more trick shots and I’ll get back to you. 5/5.

  2. kool70707 says:

    i will…..hopefully

  3. kool70707 says:

    thank you from a fellow teen 😛

  4. keenster14 says:

    nice shots man. This is a pretty cool video but you should really try to learn masse’. It is difficult at first and you will break a few tips but it is worth it in the end

  5. kool70707 says:

    thank you and I will.

  6. nevbot222 says:

    wow aj you couldnt pick a better song than you’re gonna go far kid??

  7. mbreezy812 says:

    Man that is cool as hell!

  8. MrDavran says:

    aj ur awesome man nice tricks i subbed you 5/5 on all vids!!! and how u curve the balls so good?

  9. kool70707 says:

    haha thanks man 😛 , and by putting spin on the ball, lots of practice 😛

  10. awesometastic24 says:

    nice job… watch my pool shots and tell me wat u think please

  11. nutterak says:

    howd u do trick at 0:48, nice vid

  12. kool70707 says:

    haha alot of practice 😛 and thanks

  13. pyromaster37 says:


  14. kool70707 says:

    your gonna go far kid… by the offspring

  15. MrDanielharragon says:

    id love to have to game of pool with you to..
    yous would prob kick my ass though, yous are heap maddl ol

  16. FreshZerglings says:

    wow good video. those shots are amzing

  17. johnph96 says:

    Why are there so many spots on your table?

  18. sh0tgunjunky35 says:

    you guys are talented

  19. hownottodie says:

    hey j 😛 it’s sam, kinda realized you don’t look shit different from then to now xD

  20. thejasbourne1 says:

    this is impressive

  21. KHERider1971 says:

    thats well good

  22. obeyingrule2 says:

    jizzed in ma pants bro

  23. cheryloveme15 says:

    You’re going to be a sexy man 😉

  24. kool70707 says:

    @johnph96 snooker table

  25. dillionwf says:

    Fucking Gay

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