Stevie star regurgitation.. billiard ball, and goldfish!

Stevie star swallowing stuff

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  1. UpWordMinistries says:

    Watch the video closely, he never swallows that stuff. He has an ability to hold them in his mouh somehow. Watch the left side of his face when he is preparing to pop the balloon. He manuevers the nail inside his mouth and pops he balloon.

  2. lebnen143 says:

    freaking amazing he can rubb you anyday this guy lol

  3. vince117 says:

    Hm, Letterman avoided shaking his hand

  4. yellowmoon127 says:

    he just came to my college hes amazing! i had to bring him and his manager out to dinner afterwards and he even did stuff like swallowing sugar shakers, unscrewing them and coughing up the sugar and then putting it back together and bringing it back up. amazing.

  5. celularfeoz6 says:

    He’s from Scotland and talks like a Russian 😐

  6. zari194 says:

    @mutatedchicken 5 sec memmory 😀

  7. RayanZaraki says:

    Sukinkot xD

  8. Fox65671 says:

    i Guess There is An Super Market in His Stomach xDD
    And i think its true =)
    and i live the Sound he make when he Swallow 😀

  9. masculater says:

    he should have done the sugar thing on britain’s got talent.

  10. gamezboy100 says:

    i bet those things didnt actually reach the stomach, must have some bag in between D:

  11. Mr19torcida50 says:

    this man is the BEST….fucking good….

  12. freshaashiq says:


  13. iHekFetBoi says:

    MAOOOOOOOO -spit-

  14. mrxexellent says:

    the fish later died of course

  15. TwittlePaws says:

    I would not like it if I was a little person like very small and he was evil and he ate me…and he just laughed and laughed and it hurt my ears and then eventually his laugh would make me go deaf because of my ears being small and his voice being so loud…..and then I would die…..

  16. ClickinBunnyBeatle says:

    @TwittlePaws oh yes ooohhh yes i agree.

  17. cactus91 says:

    how do you want the fish back? head ? tail?
    (crowd) : SIDEWAYS! lol

  18. Noxilein2008 says:

    “Excuse meee!” ^^ This guy is so amazing! Love to watch his shows!

  19. Paramore31389 says:

    1:59 , the ballon comes back to the mouth ^^ and than “booooooom” with his teeth.
    but he is amazing , Fake? no not fake.. maybe little tricks ^^ but he swallowd all things ^^ love him.

  20. CraigFCB says:

    Ahhhhhhh!! He touched my tounge

  21. ItchyFlea1 says:

    6:12 The fish is thinking “Oh God, the things I saw. Kill me now.”

  22. Hysterlc says:

    I was eating my lunch when i watched this. Damn.

  23. TheDreamchest says:

    I wonder how fasat he can down a beer..

  24. GloryB2Jesus says:

    @mutatedchicken poor fish o.o its coin # 5!!!!

  25. OhNoNotMyPenis says:

    he makes sounds like Dr zoidberg from futurama

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