Spy vs Spy – Billiard Balls

Like Ants, this one was a splash panel before it became a super short cartoon. Still good, though.

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  1. waspennator says:

    it happend

  2. Madamluna says:

    This cartoon wasn’t based on a real comic. It was based on a splash panel (basically just one image) depicting the Black Spy shooting billiard balls into the White Spy’s mouth. So whomever animated this couldn’t just make up a story to go with it.

  3. dragonknight369 says:

    umm are billiard ball the plain white ones?

  4. blueguy15 says:

    it would be too long and to comlicated

  5. blueguy15 says:

    the white balls are the billard balls

  6. NotAPeoplePerson says:

    is it just me or did black put on some weight?

  7. DrClay999 says:

    poor guy

  8. 90geekgirl06 says:

    it’s probably just me, but don’t they look sorta like the Teensies in Rayman? only cooler?

  9. xXALTAIRXx says:

    realy no point when the short speaks for itself XD

  10. xXALTAIRXx says:

    err, that was white sucking balls XD

  11. Zorakfan says:

    It’s cruel and unusual indeed:)

  12. johnffrey says:

    Neither died in this one but the black one won this round I perfer him over the white one.

  13. KatChanSan says:

    Considering which was created first, maybe the Teensies look like Spy vs. Spy only lamer.

  14. SirCheezey says:

    yea but black did look fat.

  15. Shea0Tard says:

    Sad lose for the White Spies

  16. xXALTAIRXx says:

    Its the overalls

  17. taguchii says:

    I feel bad for the white spy..wy do vry1 hate him lol

  18. Seriouscritic121 says:

    cause his kill ratios 7-1 on black spy TIME FOR VENGENCE

  19. doggie369 says:

    wow i wonder wat the overall score is?

  20. DarthDrax says:

    Actually, out of the 23 videos I’ve watched here so far, black wins more than white.

  21. Rodita1 says:

    Man that looks painful but funny. XD

  22. Tepnoa says:

    aw. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy. Even though black spy is my fav.

  23. Shine223 says:

    Apparently, in the original comics, it would switch every two strips. Neither one is really meant to ‘win’, in the long run.

  24. logmanlol says:

    me to

  25. omnitrix424 says:

    White spy rocks!!!!!!!

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