Sonic Billiard Adventure, part 2

SEIZURE WARNING (just skip the first 17 seconds if you have seizure-releated problems) MORE LIKE THIS on my deviantArt account: This animation in full length on deviantArt and part 2: This youtube-vid doesn’t actually have the same splitting into parts as the deviant-version; The deviant version is about 30 minutes long as two parts, and has several (mostly) independant segments. It therefore has been re-arranged for youtube, into 3 different movies, with one of them being split in two parts yet again. Some jokes are references to stuff going on over at deviantArt, though.

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  1. kuledrumergie87 says:

    at 5:01 tails has 3 tails

  2. rellthelord says:

    I rlly wonder if sapphire’s ass is just an emerald or his whole body O_O

  3. UltramasterBDJ says:

    His entire body. Definitelly.

  4. MoisChanVsTamama says:

    5:34 A is the generic solution, B is inhumane but rational, C is plain stupid and immature for that kind of moment, and D is a reference to LittleKuriboh’s Yugioh Abridged Series.

  5. UltramasterBDJ says:

    That is correct, 100 points for you. 🙂

  6. MoisChanVsTamama says:

    @UltramasterBDJ Actually, I’d much prefer a children’s card game.

  7. rellthelord says:

    @KrazyKitty444881 cause all the characters are in ball form.I doubt there is a rule where they could go out of ball form.and besides silver was in ball form and he needs his hands,gloves whatever to levitate BUT in the sega world all the characters could do is just roll nothin else

  8. supershadow1999 says:

    (hits shadow) CHAAAAAAOSSS (stops) wait a minute who’s actually holding the queue?
    (FAST TALKING TILL SILVER) Sil… wait that’s not silver, thats a giant ball of ice cream. …….. errr…. who put this here? ….. ICE CRRREEEEAMMMM!!!!!!!!
    nice outtakes part.

  9. SonicDubber1001 says:

    either option B or D to answer that question

  10. JDJeffery says:

    There are no words (that I already haven’t used) to describe the hilarity! XD

  11. UltramasterBDJ says:

    @supershadow1999 Thanks.
    Got anything I missed out on or could have done differently?

  12. ImSonicSeedOfSound1 says:

    “If only SEGA hadn’t rushed the release of the game for the PS3!!!XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  13. ImSonicSeedOfSound1 says:

    you can make sonic yu-gi-oh

  14. randomancrossoverfan says:

    ping pong…

  15. Shallthechao1 says:


  16. TheWilliamMaster says:

    what is seizure warning?

  17. TheWilliamMaster says:


  18. dudebob234 says:

    Silver’s not psycokinetic, that’s mind control. he’s telekinetic.

  19. megfox99 says:

    h hog wait h hog? dint he play as sonic in sonic movie madness and sonic and other madness 3 ? but in your movies ? why that ? ask me why h hog ?

  20. Genogenesis7 says:

    1:59 Wow, I didn’t know all the sonic characters had extra faces on their backs. 0_o


    And I swear, I LOLed at all the random anime monster scene outtakes. Especially the completely irrelevant Who Wants to be a Millionare reference.


  21. Genogenesis7 says:

    And for some extra scene ideas…

    I don’t know, maybe a scene involving all the IMP characters in ball form? And roger desperately trying to crunch himself into a ball, but just can’t do it? Then you come up to him in scrunched ball form. “Welcome to the club…”
    Remember to place John deaths in all the appropriate places! 🙂

  22. Genogenesis7 says:

    …And maybe Silver getting constantly hit with billiard balls as they fall into the pockets. You know, if he IS down under there, it could get pretty crowded during a real Billiards game…

    Oh, and sorry I had to split my comment into 3 parts. CURSE YOU 500-CHARACTER YOUTUBE COMMENT-POSTING LIMIT!!

  23. OddlyEverAfter says:

    This was… strangely entertaining… I SO hope SEGA never see this =P

  24. SonicShadowSilver543 says:

    XDDDDDDDDD i can’t stop laugh!!! XDDDDDDDDD

  25. TheRobloxAvengerblox says:

    Lol nice who wants to be a millionare refference 😛

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