Sonic Billiard Adventure, part 1

MORE LIKE THIS on my deviantArt account: This animation in full length on deviantArt and part 2: This youtube-vid doesn’t actually have the same splitting into parts as the deviant-version; The deviant version is about 30 minutes long as two parts, and has several (mostly) independant segments. It therefore has been re-arranged for youtube, into 3 different movies, with one of them being split in two parts yet again. Some jokes are references to stuff going on over at deviantArt, though.

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  1. Spectermon says:

    You got that right!

  2. RusterHejjihoggu says:

    Dreams of an absolution…it’s Silver’s theme =)

  3. RusterHejjihoggu says:

    Well…the first part…then when Silver floats…it’s His World XP

  4. Marluxia345 says:

    3:07 Ultymait phail

  5. tokey11 says:


  6. supershadow1999 says:

    Stupid cheesy dialoges

  7. rellthelord says:

    @Ilovelink100 dreams of an absolution

  8. Blessedratdragon says:

    LOL Silver Pwned!

  9. JDJeffery says:

    Shadow’s voice in this sounds like his voice from “The Suffering Doomed Shadow Show”. lol

  10. UltramasterBDJ says:

    That’s … not much of a surprise, it’s the same voice actor, Zody. ^^;

  11. tiamat234 says:

    @UltramasterBDJ the name is his world..this one is the instrumental version

  12. webkinzsds says:

    *FanGirl Roar at Shadow and turns into a GIRL bolt the super dog and chases him*
    (awesome video)

  13. Spectermon says:

    Man,this video still makes me laugh…it’s just so well thought out!My fav part is probably the part where each hedgehog has it’s own uniquie ability!

  14. ZukoPrince says:

    Poor Metal Sonic…

  15. Tavocdude says:

    What about sonic Ping Pong. : (

  16. Genogenesis7 says:

    I’ve always loved all your “feature-length” movies (Sonic Billiard Adventure and A Random Tribute To Roger Van Der Weide) Because they all have a seriously awesome blend of cinematicness and complete randomness that just… inspires me so much!!! =) I seriously love all your movies and I can’t wait for more.

    And wow.. It must be awesome having all the IMP voiceactors actually do voices for YOUR flashes! I was wondering why john sounded so similar to his actual voiceactor…well, stay awesome!

  17. UltramasterBDJ says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂
    I am glad you enjoy my movies. 😀

    Well, I can’t help but think through camera perspectives and cuts and stuff like that automatically, even if there is no inital script. ^^;
    Guess my videoediting skills from doing all those hacking vids came in handy for my flash production as well.

    hehe, yeah, in a way I’m a bit of a fanboy, still ^^;
    That Star Wars movie was actually a colab I made with Roger himself. OMG OMGMOGGMGMOMGOMG, etc. ^_^;;

    So yeah, bunch of awesome guys/gals 🙂

  18. UltramasterBDJ says:


    Also, if you wanna see more of my work (comics, images, short flash stuff), check out my deviantArt account:
    ultra-the-hedgehog . deviantArt . c o m
    (remove blanks)

  19. UltramasterBDJ says:

    Oh! Err, I don’t know if it was because of your comment or someone else mentioning the same program, but thanks, that program is really helpfull! 🙂

  20. DreamingNinjasPro says:

    6:39 lol

  21. Xenonthehedgehog8 says:

    just one question, dont get me wrong, i like your videos but……why are they always balls?

  22. UltramasterBDJ says:

    Because hedgehogs curl up into balls, and the majority of the other Sonic-cast shares that ability, as well as the fact that the entire concept is a parody on Sega’s “use hedgehogs for Pinball games”-idea?

  23. Xenonthehedgehog8 says:

    @UltramasterBDJ i know but….ok i get most of it now thats for clearing it up

  24. SonicShadowSilver543 says:

    2:19 ouch XDDDD

  25. Raveman01 says:

    4:36 looks wrong

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