Snl tampax billiard finals

Snl skit womans billiard match sponsored by Tampax.

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  1. krissy55066 says:

    lol!! i love this (:

  2. mokeymokeybo says:

    omg i showed this to my mom and she almost died of laughter

  3. Bensvloggable says:

    THIS IS THE BEST!! i love it!!
    (you should check out my vlogs)

  4. dookyp says:

    funniest skits on snl in years!!!

  5. annaBOSS13 says:

    Love the snl episode but hate the video! I hate it when ppl tape there frigen tv’s its called connect ur camera to the tv and record it…ive done it plenty of times… it doesnt take a rocket scientist to do it! .x.x

  6. Stop2BopMeHo says:

    yeah great… dont ever record your TV amateur!

  7. misslealani says:

    blaha nick nack pattywack stop your flow with tampax…TAMPAX

  8. FlapjackMania1 says:

    lmao nick nack pattywack, stop the flow with tampax! almost peed myself laughing so hard!!!!!

  9. verohurricane says:

    alotta mustard lol

  10. pencilhead2009 says:

    if your going to put a video on youtube at least get off of a websit you reatard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. AlwayzBeenPhat7 says:

    @pencilhead2009 Why don’t you post the video RETARD???

  12. pencilhead2009 says:

    @AlwayzBeenPhat7 because i made a sick ass video with my friend REATARD so FUCK OFF ASS HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. AlwayzBeenPhat7 says:

    @pencilhead2009 ***SNORE*** Is this the best you came up with??? Now you’ve managed to waste 2 minutes of my time… Good day! Oh and by the way, before you come flailing insults, spell check, okay? Thanks in advance!

  14. jubiaba23 says:

    @pencilhead2009 you wanna learn how to spell retard?

  15. bender1011001 says:

    oh god i can’t stop laughing at these guys

  16. RAZEAN55 says:

    tampax when mother nature attacks your slacks TAMPAX
    nicknack patty whack stop the flow with TAMPAX

  17. RAZEAN55 says:

    and speaking of pulling strings TAMPAX

  18. Mr508films says:

    @pencilhead2009 learn to spell

  19. BrinaMaddie says:

    “And speaking of pulling strings, Tampax!” Ah, I love that part.

  20. ggLover87 says:

    im sad will forte left snl 🙁 he was one of my favorites

  21. misterdanton says:

    Playtex and latex/ I bet/ the black corvette/wet chest/ and upset friend that flunked her tests/ interests….conquest/not that baby doll even ready yet/

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