Shellac – Live

Steve Albini and Shellac live at the anniversary party of The Ex in paradiso 1999.

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  1. petediesel1 says:

    They have a fantastic drummer!!!!

  2. HappyTimeCycles says:

    yes, i winced. and cringed. and shuddered. great band/song, but you’re right…that intro was completely pointless.

  3. ricksassle says:

    Steve Albini talks too much.

  4. Shukie6174 says:

    Just play your damn music and stop boring everyone with your ‘enlightened’ thoughts.


    The Shellac singles: ‘Uranus’ and ‘The Rude Gesture’ are the best sound quality Albini has ever recorded. The recordings are super clear and precise.
    On another note ‘At Action Park’ is still by far the best full length. I feel they sounded too influenced by ‘Tortoise’ at times, later on. Shellac should never be mellow.

  6. AmericaHello says:

    Do The Lyrics Mean Anything………..? Anyone, Anyone, I dont get them

  7. jaredputrefied says:

    these guys really suck!

  8. F1CO says:

    @kriXtof and they still play.. fascinating

  9. jaredrose2 says:


  10. silvacore says:

    Very good sound….Albini is a great man….I’d like if Albini listen my music…

  11. mangouldbarrington1 says:

    What song is this? This is really great.

  12. CatastrophicG says:

    Amazing performance! saw them back in the 90’s a few times and reminds me a lot of those shows, great punk diy vibe and all the rest that is real :p

  13. heitmanek1 says:

    This was the best show I ever went to.

  14. heitmanek1 says:

    It is a frame of mind!

  15. ValasVixson says:

    @mangouldbarrington1 Its “Billiard Player Song” from The Rude Gesture: A Pictorial History. But there is a better version called “Billiardspielerlied” off of the 7 inch of the same name. “Billiardspielerlied” is a live version but I think its way better as most Shellac stuff is methinks.

  16. lostrobot123 says:

    @jaredputrefied there more appreciated and famous than u

  17. Surfbat45 says:

    the average life-span of a steve albini band is 3 songs

  18. oiyabastard says:

    he said that about cds duh!!

  19. oiyabastard says:

    @petediesel1 rapeman drummer more bedda

  20. vortexsurfe says:

    @oiyabastard big black drummer even more bedda :O)

  21. strippertheband says:

    mmm, that guitar sound, mmm.

  22. Alguhh says:

    holy shit, this songs is so emotional, brings me to tears.

  23. Andyrewluck44 says:

    this makes me wanna drink. douche!

  24. Andyrewluck44 says:

    @Alguhh bent

  25. electricmongoloid says:

    Priceless Speech !

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