Shawn Putnam vs John Schmidt at Super Billiards Expo

Shawn Putnam vs John Schmidt at Super Billiards Expo. This is a match from the LIVE Streaming table produced by Spheragon. The match features commentators Joey Aguzin and Joe Tucker. The live stream was made possible by TAP League (, Lucasi Hybrid (http Gambler Clothing ( and Inside POOL Magazine (http High Quality DVDs of this and other matches will be available at

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  1. psychedelicard says:

    thank you !

  2. lowdown3007 says:

    thanks for the upload… i’ll finish watching this later

  3. orko119 says:

    John Schmidt is a monster.

  4. megagamer2112 says:

    jeez HURRY THE HELL UP totally taking their time

  5. mudmayhem101 says:

    I use to play pool with john At opps ally in pensacola florida, he is a awesome player and fun to play against. ALso I remeber listening to shawn putnam on the power pig in tampa, FLa. though his name was :Bubba the love sponge” at that time..Just a few memories of mine..

  6. chadarbo says:

    lol…good times! I remember showing up as soon as the pool hall opened for a viking tourn in huntington wv. i grabbed the first table with a buddy and shawn putnam grabbed the second. i kept thinking to myself i hope i draw this fancy pants on that table!! Boy was i mistaken!! but what a nice guy he was and definitely was not showing off his skills pregame!

  7. Maincontrol999 says:

    I was here

    (dont read if you dont want to be spoiled)

    I like john won

    I love the interview too. Greath match

  8. elementskateboardsyo says:

    John Schmidt one of the greatest.

  9. fgunton says:

    This two are extremely slow.

  10. fgunton says:

    Geesh these guys take their time don’t they. Shawn seems to be befuddled on every shot.

  11. fastrt007 says:

    I know a guy in albany georgia that wants the 64 from John Schmidt

  12. trumanhw says:

    This equipment is CLEARLY tough, and demands thought. John is one of the absolute fastest players I’ve ever seen… casual, fast, and very very accurate. But, TV, possibly commentary they can hear, and tough equipment that demands critical choices. I’m also aware that John is mildly intimidated by Shawns incredible stroke, and has more at stake to prove himself against. When John plays Corey Deuel, his respct for Coreys game keeps it from being an ego issue … but here that’s not the case.

  13. magikman38 says:


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