Scott Frost v Gabe Owen One Pocket Galveston World Classic

Scott Frost v Gabe Owen One Pocket at the Galveston World Classic Captured Live on Ustream at

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  1. sas1ni69 says:

    here comes that quick table like you were talking about. LOL

  2. aintgatmon3y37 says:

    these shots r nice O.O

  3. RayHusted says:

    Thank you for the upload!!!

  4. billiardsusa says:


  5. pigdisposal says:

    i dont know how all you guys feel, but when i beat someone in one pocket its like i actually accomplished something. when i beat someone in 9 ball its like i got away with something.

  6. 5ballcharlie says:

    man they both played bad considering how well they actually play this game.

  7. the221truth says:

    what r the rules for one pocket? i never heard of it until i saw this video…

  8. PhonkieBMXakin says:

    not sure about all the rules but I do know a few of them. the side you break from is your opponents pocket so your breaking the balls to your side. then u must make contact with any ball and a rail or its a foul not sure if you owe a ball or not after that. if you scratch you owe a ball no matter what pocket, and if you force ur opponents ball in and scratch u bring up the ball followed and u owe a ball. any other rules I would find someone who really plays the game its said to help all around.

  9. bonomixboy09 says:

    Amazing how horrible the best in the world played fuck 10 4 $5gs a game post 30grand

  10. cait2159 says:

    @PhonkieBMXakin yes you do owe a ball for ANY foul. if you cant put the ball you owe on the spot it goes behind the closest ball to the spot. if you foul the cue ball stays in the same spot. if you scratch it is ball in hand behind the headstring. opponents alternate breaks (even if you win it could be the opponents break unless they broke). that about wraps it up.

  11. trumanhw says:

    The ball doesn’t deflect more in dry conditions – it swirves less however, so the amount you ALWAYS deflect with a given amount of spin doesn’t revert back to the stroke line as readily.

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