Russian billiard tricks

that’s crazy!!! I wish I could do that

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  1. ecioman says:

    Amazing! 5/5. these shots are damned tech!

  2. Technosenior says:


  3. SeijiiNakamaru says:

    Holy crap, why are the pockets so small? Never seen those before.

  4. serjeylovesjesus says:

    becuase russian dont play the kid way. the holes are just barely big enough for the ball

  5. Napero09 says:

    Omg! 10/5!!

  6. lobzdik says:

    thats russian pyramid…
    the balls are much bigger, therefore tighter fitting, a really hard variation of billiards

  7. ballinhustler says:

    thats not fake, pussy

  8. ballinhustler says:

    The table is twice bigger too

  9. Beattice says:

    this is some retro music haha awsome!!!

  10. rustemaga says:

    It can be seen that is is graphics! Look at 3:58. Man is like on pause.

  11. lavusrcu says:

    inteligence fail

  12. lavusrcu says:


  13. Skimboardguy481 says:

    look at 1:00 in. you can see an extra stick hitting the ball.

  14. OriginalKaram says:

    Жостко чел французскими ударами владеет

  15. rosssco25 says:

    Nice video, Check out mine and tell me what you think … I am just starting out but I dont think they are to bad!

  16. SanchoSranch0 says:

    хочу обратить внимание на то, что так, как на 3.58 и я могу сделать.

  17. ZrarMg6oo3 says:

    nice ^_*

    good player~Good lucky


  18. ziyaze says:

    big balls, small holes…


  19. lumelammas says:

    well you should be put to mental hospital….fucking crazy.

  20. cashishev says:

    1:33 wow!

  21. GraffitiPunch says:

    In sovjet russia, billiard balls hits YOU!

  22. FebalanceChaosCrew says:

    @GraffitiPunch this is really lame

  23. zappykiller says:

    is it me or russian pool tables have awfully small pockets

  24. MrSmartComment says:

    @zappykiller the difference betwean the ball and the pocket is 2 milimetres.

  25. SaLosful says:

    Бля!!!удар на 3.30 – это что-то невообразимое такой прокат по длинному с забитием, специально сам пробовал, даже понятия не имею какой винт давать надо?!

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