Russian Billiard [Pohjola (FIN) vs. Anishenko (RUS)]

The Russian Billiard Finnish Champion Petri Pohjola plays against Russian Champion Kirill Anishenko in this quite fast period… 🙂

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  1. raljov says:

    great! awesome!

  2. mazanator says:

    Ompa vaikeeta!

  3. lucasicues says:

    Ei taida Petrin sisältä löytyä kuin virtapiirejä ja johtoja…. GO PETRI

  4. tagtasher says:

    Tajuntonta menoa! 😀

  5. elgatobegemot says:

    Just wow

  6. ilyha64 says:

    Кирилл все равно лучше!!!! тем более если на общий счет посмотреть!!!!

  7. neskuchny says:

    Фееричная партейка! Я таких пожалуй еще не видел! 🙂

  8. IspanasOnTop says:

    pizdakas 😀

  9. danilevich21 says:

    da cto kiril lutshe ti bi videl v zhivuju kak on igraet

  10. FIXEIUS says:

    Ох Фин что-то съел

  11. hhk213 says:

    Incredible precision given the tight pockets. It seems that russian pyramid is a fast game when played by good players!

  12. walk50 says:

    This looks easy to do on a pool table but i think its gonna be bloody hard on this table the pocket is pretty tight u have to be very accurate but still weird never thought they have a game like this cool

  13. mgalumyan says:

    pisec poln@y

  14. CARLSBERG537294 says:

    мда круто

  15. wakabaka1 says:

    moy papa bil champion evro sporto pa ruskim billardu

  16. aznelf13 says:

    o so that was what this game is called, i kept playin it on my phone, but it was called pyramind

  17. Jugulator4 says:

    You Can’t scratch at russian billards?

  18. vafangulu3x says:

    whats the technique??? i dont get it, first to nine???

  19. SodatSobat says:

    the table size is similar to snooker table i think but the pockets are visibly wider. thats because the balls used are huge, probably the biggest in all cue sports.

  20. peppppeee says:


    The pockets are smaller than in snooker table, snooker balls diameter is 52 mm and the corner pocket opening on a tight table is somewhere around 80 mm i would say, while these balls are 68mm in diameter. side pockets are about 73mm and corner pockets 71mm at their opening

  21. Bartekdex says:

    this game sux o_O

  22. charlierogers50 says:

    It’s a really fun game to play. Completely different than normal pool. The way I played was that any ball could be used as the cue ball, and whatever ball you use as your cue ball could be angled in off of other balls. That last shot he makes in this video was ridiculous!!

  23. Wertumvs says:

    wow !!

  24. gavpots says:

    @SodatSobat The pockets are tighter than a duck’s arse, the corners in particular are only 4-5 mm larger than the balls, there’s bugger all margin for error.

  25. zukacs says:

    @walk50 Russian billiard is a lot harder then American/UK pool because the balls are just slightly smaller then the hole size. and you have to be very accurate and precise with your shot. I learned to play billiard on the Russian table and when they introduced me to American pool it was just like bread and butter.

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