Rube Goldberg Billiards!

Awesome! Must see!! It’s a type of Rube Goldberg contraption but like billiard dominos! It’s so good!!

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  1. o0korean0o says:

    all i heard them say was “impossible” “no im possible”

  2. TOAOSpot says:


  3. TOAOSpot says:

    So learn to speak a language besides “Moron.” I’d have said “English,” but your punctuation and capitalizational skills are too deficient to qualify you as an English speaker.


  4. mrMegaHenkie says:

    :O A-MA-ZING!!!

  5. gamerfreak145 says:

    okay… that was WAY to many big words. ROFL

  6. meizdaboss101 says:

    sorry, no comprendo.

  7. exelto111 says:


  8. fholm16 says:

    im confused

  9. homeskilletbiscuit49 says:

    @gamerfreak145 It’s this incredibly foreign language that nobody’s ever heard of except for these people (Sarcasm intended). It’s called French.

  10. homeskilletbiscuit49 says:

    Je ne parle pas le francais.

  11. 043367747 says:

    1) Proper sentences don’t start with “So”
    2) Capitalizational isn’t a word
    3) Deficient isn’t used in its proper context in your poorly formed sentence.
    4) If you’re going to insult someone, you should make it so you can’t be made a fool of yourself.
    If you don’t like how a French person speaks English, lets see how well you would do trying to speak to them in French?

  12. CosmicShadowMari0 says:


  13. SarahAMN says:

    love it 😀

  14. PieSquared13 says:


  15. eternamenteng says:

    como se llama la cancion que ponen al final?
    as it is called the song that appears near the end?

  16. eternamenteng says:

    como se llama la cancion que ponen al final?

    how is the song that aPears at the end called?

  17. spaceankh says:

    Which show is this?

  18. fr1174a says:


  19. seanmj1washere says:

    Wuh duh fuh???

  20. eamonsw101 says:

    omfg what the hell

  21. brewerslover12 says:

    Ah mexicans

  22. barfield09 says:

    Now that’s what I call running the table on someone! Haha

  23. VicTheMouth3612 says:

    Good hustling technique.

  24. TheFunky333 says:

    about that beer i ownd ya

    so now i know in what he lost

  25. perplathi says:

    @Tartalicious Best part: You made at least one, so you get to go again.

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