Ron Wood guitar lesson for dummies (pool hall richard)

ron wood for dummies…pool hall richard made easy guitar lesson….excuse the poor sound set up I did this in a bit of a rush

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  1. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    Good for you..
    To many guitarists are just selfish flash gits who just love to show off..just know your limits and enjoy what you can play, the secret of playing guitar is hours and hours of practice but who has the time for that ?

  2. 164man says:

    that was fantastic mate

  3. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    Thank you ..

  4. PhilipK100 says:

    can’t follow this or your other videos… too slow and just don’t match up with the originals…. If you were able to do proper speeded up versions of the tracks I could learn and pick them up that way!

  5. robbie8063 says:

    it was a top 20 hit in the uk! about 1974…

  6. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    I think you are missing the whole point of my videos.
    They are not ment to be musical masterpieces.
    As the title says Lessons for Dummies as played by a Dummie.
    I am not a serious player and only post the lessons for a bit of fun and to help any one who cares to watch..
    Sorry for not being a guitar god and not living up to your high standards

  7. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    My mistake..ta

  8. brownhillbob says:

    great guitar lesson, i too am a big faces fan,any chance of bad n ruin lesson? also what is your amp setting? i have the same one.

  9. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    Hi..Use the Strat on bridge pick up.On the amp select R-FIER Full gain and Full tone.
    After the New Year I will stick on the Riff for Bad n Ruin just for you
    .P.S check out my mate Janmurphs channel and say hi to him

  10. rmorte62 says:

    Great. One of my fave Faces songs. I’m a drummer but play some guitar. This inspires me to break it out and play. Thanks.

  11. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    Thanks for the nice comment..
    Nice to hear from a drummer for a change which is a suprise because I have found with my dealings with drummers over the years I found them to be slightly unhinged mentaly disturbed and barely capable of basic speach.. You must be one of the very rare one in a million normal person that drums.
    Regards …Gibby
    p.s. I know you know I am only kidding

  12. 1bpritchard1 says:

    Hey! This is great stuff, thanks! I was wondering if you knew how to play “Buried Alive” by Ron Wood….that would be a nice thing to know as well. That’s just if you get the time. Thanks again!

  13. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    Thanks for the nice comment.
    I dont know much of his solo stuff apart from a couple of tracks because I think he was at his best as a member of the Faces.
    I will download the track from I tunes and have a wee listen and see what I can do…Gibby

  14. 1bpritchard1 says:

    Thanks so much!

  15. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    Gimmie a couple of weeks or so..real busy at the moment…..Gibby

  16. exterry99 says:

    can you please post the rest of the chords for this tune ? big fan of woody

  17. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    coming soon

  18. rtm1066 says:

    thanx for that, a great favourite of mine

  19. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    @rtm1066 ta very much

  20. humbuck59 says:

    Oh Mate that was an awesome lesson – such a great track and you helped me nail it in a minute flat – i like your sound and playing technique to… thanks a million!

  21. lordearltheferrol99 says:

    @humbuck59 thanks for the nice comment..glad to be of help.
    I keep meaning to post the lead work and fills for this song but been to lazy.
    Going to post some more in the next month or so.

  22. ldl6d says:

    Great lesson, keep them coming. I recorded Pool Hall Richard at the Faces reunion….”FACES POOL HALL RICHARD REUNION 2010″ with Hucknall on vocals. Woody plays it raw and unforgetable cheers…………….

  23. tataso says:

    subi tu material de tu banda !!!

  24. 1damnnut says:

    long live mother scotland oi

  25. breffnipark says:

    he makes it look sooooooo easy !

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