Roberto Gomez v Ronnie Alcano in 8-Ball Hotseat Match Galveston World Classic

Roberto Gomez v Ronnie Alcano in 8-Ball Hotseat Match at the Galveston World Classic – Captured Live on Ustream at

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  1. de23Emil says:


  2. badboyrdam says:

    thanks. i really like the videos 🙂

  3. benzino248 says:

    9 Ball invented for dummies…in 8 ball, if you overrun position on your next desired ball, you have other options to get back into position…like ANOTHER BALL! In 9 ball, if you overrun position on one ball, you can be screwed each ball down the line…9 lays out a pattern, but you have to figure it out…and like I already said, you get out of line…it can be ominous for you. BTW, Bustamante has the quickest break…this guy needs to shut up…he’s talking about 34 mph, Busty has 43MPH break

  4. motherfathergod says:

    hey benzino if you think 9 ball are for dummies then show your trophy on 8 ball or rotation…you talk too much and yet we dont know…are a player…dickhead

  5. Guellard says:

    Do you like the video?
    Yes sir.

  6. SoylentGreenEatIt says:

    Ronnie Alcano — WINNER Ha!

  7. boxing1000 says:

    No one has a 43mph break Francuiscos top measured break IS 34 mph.Next hardest is David Howard at 31.

  8. benzino248 says:

    “Other than Francisco Bustamante, he has just got the hardest break in the world and it doesn’t matter where he puts the ball up there because he is going to make one. He is the dead favorite as long as he is playing well.”–Earl Strickland. The wiki article on FB lists 43, and I remember Jim Whych commentating a match and reporting Busty breaking upwards of 35 MPH. Besides, I think if anyone can do it, it’s Bustamante.

  9. bolids73 says:

    ariba,guiwan putik boundary,zamboanga city….lodolodo,ariba!!!!!

  10. kevycanavan says:


  11. xRNRx4nthr4x says:

    this video needs audio work.

  12. guerrillaspikes says:

    @benzino248 you all like it or not it is the truth, 9-ball is for pro’s, i like 8-ball as much, but if you lose position…no problemo, not the same in 9 ball, and the man just said his opinion, why the dickheads???youtube is not for arguing 😉

  13. benzino248 says:

    I agree 100% 9 Ball is for pros. It’s a challenging game. Probably why most of the prize money is found when playing 9ball.

  14. olivercarlehed says:

    0:13:10 WTF ;O u can’t see the shot cuz of the man passing by.
    Nice catch anyway.

  15. angellover91436 says:

    joey’s voice is like a computer voice..his laugh is sooo boring (check 23:50 laugh)..he talks with such a monotone voice that makes me want to jump of a bridge..thank GOD for the mute button!

  16. LeonFleisherFan says:

    @boxing1000 Same as Larry Nevel then, also at 31 mph. Record I seem to remember is 36 mph (forget the name, by an amateur player who specializes in martial arts – was in either Billiards Digest or Pool & Billiards Magazine a few years back).

  17. LeonFleisherFan says:

    @boxing1000 By the way, I’d have no problem believing Bustamante (of for that matter, Jeff de Luna) break upwards of 35 mph – certainly compared to when I first saw him play years ago, Bustamante appears to have taken speed out of his break. Funniest I ever saw was a 9-Ball break of his where all the balls that did not go into a pocket all clustered up within a rack surface behind the head string. Also, he broke them at lightning speed, but inevitably ended up with the same bank shot on the 1…

  18. cfcues says:

    @angellover91436 Ummm, I didn’t hear a laugh there.

  19. peeloko says:


  20. goozieFALK says:

    How big is this table? Im gonna buy a billiard table and I want it to be as big as the real match tables! can anyone say the dimensions how big an original table is? is it 254×127?

  21. cbwein333 says:

    did u guys actually sped 2 hours watching this???

  22. MirageBistro says:

    Yes siree!

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