Ralph Greenleaf Highlight Reel – Billiard Legend Player

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  1. cjr3559 says:

    Definitely awesome though I get the impression that he had a temper.

  2. Deathugee says:

    great vid, that shouting guy would feck me off though.

  3. Deathugee says:

    what the hell happened at the end?

  4. Deathugee says:

    rosie you racist tart

  5. quakers101 says:

    perhaps the greatest player of all time alcohol consumption ruined another life.

  6. JohnPizzaPan says:

    ROFL @ 9:14

  7. ydunUsukinmyballs says:

    0:42 nice,gotta try that =D

  8. aardvaark069 says:

    pretty zippy masse at 3:35

  9. 44032 says:

    The misses show that there is nothing automatic about these shots. This guy’s the greatest player ever, or so they say.

  10. SantaTherealbeared says:

    We was my great grand father!

  11. BillyJackets says:

    This guy probably made more money than any other American pool player, he played Willie Mosconi in an exhibition when Willie was about 7 years old and Greenleaf said one day this kid will be champion

  12. LeonFleisherFan says:

    9:08 is sooo funny, ROTFL!!

  13. jskeen23 says:

    we was what lol

  14. unvmygame says:

    Ralph was the most gifted 14.1 player ever. Alcohol or not – nobody wanted any. Hal Houle, his former road partner who is still alive, tells stories about Ralph saying he would sometimes go a week without a miss.

  15. greenManilishi says:

    The old timers say that this guy used to shoot combination wing shots.

  16. shark0505 says:

    I met a guy who used to travel with Ralph. He confirmed that Ralph would make double wing shots. For those who dont know what that is…he’d roll two balls down the table and make them both with one shot while the two balls are still moving. I’ve never seen anyone from this era do that.

  17. pcdoctorjosh says:

    The last clip is the funniest thing I ever seen in pool.

  18. NipkowDisk says:

    Cool clip, thank you for posting it!

    That table which Mr. Greenleaf is performing the majority of his shots on looks like an old 5 X 10-footer, definitely a rarity today!

  19. notbestfriends says:

    I think you’re right.

    I’ve played on 10 footers. More difficult for me and when I returned to a 9′ the shots seemed easier.

  20. pistolpeeroy says:

    @NipkowDisk ARE THEY 12 X 6 FOOT TODAY???

  21. pistolpeeroy says:

    @SantaTherealbeared NO HE WERNT

  22. halsamdu says:

    More than 40 percent of errors

  23. BMWLDRider says:

    Wow…..took the Masse shot on an open table!!!!

  24. bird80 says:

    Lol. If this vid bores you and you’re going to leave…skip to the end. It’s worth it, lol.

  25. Fenomenoe9 says:

    LOL this guy is funny reminds me of hitler 😛

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