Ralf Souquet What’s in the Case?

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  1. sYphon2K6 says:

    From toilet seat covers to lucky pigs. What a legend.

  2. NOLANvsPROLINE says:

    toilet seat covers and mr clean magic erasers LOL

  3. azaas says:

    gotta love the fact that Souquet is so methodical and thorough with every little detail ! Huge fan of Ralf ! 😀

  4. nusux says:

    what exactly is a ‘dime’ ? 5:20

  5. Mastertarium says:

    Das ist echt sowas von lustig! Ralf Souquet ist einfach der größte. Er trägt seinen halben Hausstand mit sich^^

    Vorallem die Kopfschmerztabletten! Einfach geil!

    Er hat einfach Charakter!

  6. nobandages says:

    what a lame-o. Effren Reyes has his cues and chalk pretty much. this guy brings his whole kitchen..

    good stuff though

  7. colomblanco says:

    @nobandages I heard he carries zip-lock bags for his dirty tampons.

  8. dvnrrs says:

    They’re talking about the shape of the cue tip, how rounded it is. Some players prefer well rounded tips that have about the radius of a dime. Others prefer flatter tips with a radius around that of a nickel. So people just say nickel or dime to describe what shape they like. Cue tip shaper tools are usually available in either dime or nickel versions.

  9. nusux says:

    @dvnrrs thx man 😉

  10. PerfectlyHonest says:

    @nobandages haha sad, Lame-o that’s so sad

  11. onemorebrando says:

    That girl is a great sport with him.

  12. maricristinacastel says:

    @matiassan who is better player, effren or this one? what do you think?

  13. nagardy says:

    @maricristinacastel ralf ofcourse ralf always defeat efren .efren isnt a greater player than anyone hes just famous for kicking the balls no one can hide the ball were efren cant kick it

  14. bobmarleyluke says:

    does he not get paid enough that he has to cell cue tips and covers lol xP, hes a great player though, and carries a lot of stuff lol, i carry a cue chalk and maybe a file and a cloth lol, i dont mind butting my bare ass on a toilet seat

  15. GoPhightins2010 says:

    Toilet Seat covers FTW

  16. gix500 says:

    how does he fit all that in his bag????a whole shop full of gear

  17. wackychannel says:

    he talks like micheal schumacher!

  18. pencil9100 says:

    舒健 tolet Seat covers… WTF

  19. doraemonrox says:

    I watched through the whole video just to hear what the pigs are for.

  20. pleasure4youu says:

    his so german lol… he looks like his going camping

  21. cloudreacher says:

    he looks like lex luthor in smallville…michael rosenbaum play billiards..wtf?? hahaha

  22. akafortes says:

    WTF is this? a flee market or sth? i have these for sale,i have that for sale….is he poor or sth? lol

  23. akafortes says:

    ok this guy is rly a freek!!! :PPPPP he has towel to dry out his hands in case his 1st towel is too wet,he carries with him wet towels to clean the toilet seats so he can use his toilet seat covers…..This video lasted 17 mins as opposed to othe other vids that r like 5-6 mins or so…He has like a million things with him and at some point u can hear him say “i don’t want to carry 3 cue sticks with me”….REALLY?????WHY????DOES IT TAKE TOO MUCH SPACE???? WTF!!!!

  24. blinkblinkblinkkdd says:

    “For my personal use” wtf that means lol.

  25. TreuloseTomate says:

    Compare this to Efren Reyes!

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