Pro Billiards US Open 9-Ball: Jose Parica v Charlie Williams

Support the network, shop online @ A great match. Jose Parica, the leader of the Asian invasion, faces off with the Korean Dragon, Charlie Williams. Both players are extremely talented and viable contenders for the the US Open crown.

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  1. uchihay2g says:

    I’m really curious as to what he did?

  2. daw8wang says:

    he used to be really good, and then he stopped practicing because he started his own company to promote pool full time…
    he’s doing a lot for the sport, sacrificing his professional career as a player doing so.

  3. dermagische says:

    It was a shot for nothing. Trying to bank it to stay in the game or if not then theres a safety.

    No luckshot 😉

  4. tedlaver says:

    Thank you. Classic two way shot. He may not have expected to make it but he did, it worked out. You have to be good in order to get lucky a lot of the time.

  5. mitosinuca says:

    yeah and if he missed the 2 ball would probably hit the 4 ball and stay on that area

  6. escopac123 says:

    that sucks

  7. huntr1111 says:

    Could these 2 guys play any fuckin slower????

  8. 12gallonhat says:

    To slow for a sporting dude like you.
    To easy, no thrills, no bloody action.

  9. jeromemao says:

    my gosh.. one of the slowest and boring games ever.

  10. xcom23 says:

    dont fucking watch it then dumbassssss!

  11. xcom23 says:

    THe biggest misconception about pool is that it is a bunch of exciting difficult trick shots. sorry, go watch a lakers game

  12. jeromemao says:

    thats quite obvious ain’t it. if i think it suck, of cos i wouldn’t continue watching? what a seriously redundant comment. don’t say things for the sake of saying it just cos your hands are rather itchy.

  13. davis4311 says:

    Charlie: why didn’t you jack up on that 8 hit it with inside english … good game though, played well!

  14. DrStitchez000 says:

    Wow this sucked balls… 9 balls actually

  15. xcom23 says:

    why the hell are you looking up videos of it then???

  16. felicks says:

    sorry charlie… i like jose, he is a funny guy. charlie made this match boring.

  17. elementskateboardsyo says:

    Great match.

  18. Lazerrus says:

    Almost 10 minutes of safety play?? ZZZZZZZZZZ
    Charlie is too much of a showman and slow played Jose.

  19. h2o4170 says:

    Corey open hand slapped charlie for being an ass. I wish we could have a video of that

  20. jskeen23 says:

    @h2o4170 Anyone who got slapped by corey duel can officially say he is no longer male

  21. vincentwu says:

    williams’ stroke is very annoying

  22. pigdisposal says:

    i would have let him slapped me all he wanted, and when he was done id knock his ass out with my 20 0z mcdermott

  23. eise0094 says:

    williams’ should retire. He’d better choose another life.

  24. Tupac246 says:

    @BeauG1990 you mean at 36:40

  25. Tupac246 says:

    @BeauG1990 you mean at 36:40

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