Pro Billiards US Open 9-Ball Immonen vs. Archer

Help support BCn, by shopping online @ What’s not to like about this match? Two former World Champions, Mika Immonen and Johnny Archer go toe to toe. What was the turning point of the match? Post your comments… Buy Cues @ Accessories: Balls: Cue cases: Table Cleaner:

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  1. red88alert says:

    i wish i could speak nihongo just like you!!!

  2. red88alert says:

    you let that piece of shit know whats up!!!well spoken!!!

  3. arcangel908 says:


  4. pigdisposal says:

    I wonder if accu stats is selling videos anymore with youtube putting up all the good matches. i mean whats the difference.

  5. Kristinehamn12 says:


  6. kntautsos says:

    compralo en accu-stats. Al menos lo tendras entero y sin anuncios.

  7. kntautsos says:

    The difference is full match videos and no commercials. And there are many other excellent matches not only 9 ball, also 14.1, one pocket, …
    I would consider to have a look at the catalogue if you haven’t yet.

  8. codywilkie says:

    do anyone no how many tables they play on at tha u.s.

  9. cypheronyx says:

    Mika’s a class act. Johnny too.

  10. yuletak says:

    All he said was it’s great and wants to see more. LOL

  11. asasucks says:

    Johnny is a crybaby!!
    Anyone seen the match where he breaks his cue over his shoulders??

  12. kidpool85 says:

    16 tables at the us open

  13. mastercrap says:

    he doesnt seem too joyful after he won..

  14. phixxwutwut says:

    @asasucks its not being a crybaby, its being upset with yourself and being a very competitive person. of course, you wouldnt know anything about that, you smile and laugh it off when you lose or fuck up and never improve yourself. oh well, hows being mediocre?

  15. asasucks says:

    He’s a professional level player,he should be able to keep his composure!! I never said he wasn’t a great player,he’s on of the best EVER!!
    And btw how the hell do you know what type of player I am??
    You anywhere near northern Indiana??
    I’ll play you a race to five for your rent money any day!!!

  16. thekingofthe916 says:

    who plays race to 5? ill play you race to 9 for a $1000!!!

  17. Damnayshun says:

    The only argument I have against Snooker players being “better” than pool players is: Why aren’t the snooker players beating even the lower-level pool players at 9-ball tournaments? Ronnie O’Sullivan is insane. A master snooker player — and he’s an incredible 9-ball player– but he still loses to lower-level pool players. It’s not for lack of trying. It’s not for want of skill. The games simply do play differently. And lately the pro tables are shimmed rather tightly. Misses are common.

  18. BarryFrench says:

    Snooker players may have better potting ability because they play with smaller balls on 12 foot tables. And of course some of the safety play is very intricate in Snooker. But let’s consider this – American tables play very differently to Snooker and English pool tables. Pocket shape is different, the rails are totally different, the characteristics of the cloth are different and the balls are a lot larger. The are skills that snooker players will never use in snooker – Break and Jump shots!

  19. BarryFrench says:

    Snooker players break very differently whenever they play 9-ball. And of course they’ll have never learned to jump to the extent that they have to jump and pot balls AND get position. And every time I’ve seen a player break, they keep their chin down as if they are playing a normal shot, it is impossible to generate power like this. And of course they tend to lose the cueball a little more as they don’t practise the break enough. A good snooker player could not just dominate 9-ball…..

  20. BarryFrench says:

    … because the game isn’t about potting. There are many characteristics that make up a pool player. Sure if the snooker player devoted themselves they would have more of a chance of competing, but there are so many players who can win a world pool championship that it isn’t a shoe-in for a Snooker player to do well.

    I wish that people would accept that these games are incomparable, in the same way that Rugby League is different to Rugby Union and Showjumping is different to Horse Racing.

  21. lazymuthafukka says:

    Pool and Snooker are two totally different dicipline ,
    different stance , different stroke , different mentality
    and still people mix em up.

  22. qustav37 says:

    hello I like to play billiard with my friends so Im a noob and I wonder why they arent starting up with a triangle like u use to??

  23. omega666ification says:

    @qustav37 because it’s nine ball its played a bit differently than 8 ball which i assume u play but if u want to get better play nine ball it helps with positional play

  24. SirNoobs says:

    Where was Carmine Sardo when I made that 9 on the break last week? 🙁

  25. danceoutnow says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that nine ball players are usually amazing at eight ball but not all eight ball players can play nine ball? If you watch some of the local people closely you can tell who is built for what. Also…yea….no bringing snooker into this.

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