Pro Billiards US Open 9-Ball Championship: Mika Immonen vs. Nick Varner

Please shop at the Billiard Club Pro Shop, All proceeds finance the BCn video production. Mika Immonen vs. Nick Varner

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  1. wildnine00 says:

    no, but they do look alike.

  2. Albinario says:

    @piquenrique hehe no that’s not him – that guy is the guy who plays lex luthor in smallville – michael rosenbaum or so

  3. forlyfebmx says:

    um no thats not him!!! mikas to good for that movie

  4. pigdisposal says:

    no and the movie was a joke.

  5. perfectshot77 says:

    If your absolutely tired of not seeing enough billiards on ESPN make a complaint. Here’s where you make the complaint go to: ESPN feedback.

  6. brownbuttbaby says:

    wtf i though utube was limited to size and time for videos?!??????!??

  7. smeade3760 says:

    this bullwinkle sounding motherfucker is an idiot

  8. parazitul84 says:

    if the one who uploads creates his account as a “director” or something like that he can upload videos of up till 1 hour in length

  9. perfectshot77 says:

    Then just watch pay per view, I personally bought directv to see really heart pounding on the edge of your seat good pool in the evenings, but is their any, no.

  10. Candyman757 says:

    @brownbuttbaby not here I guess lol

  11. brownbuttbaby says:

    well i also seen a video that went on for 2 hours and about 50 min

  12. diablogf says:

    They had the whole conversation about where Mika was born, and played snooker on another match up. How many times are they going to colour the commentary with the same stuff? Dilberto is probably senile and just can’t remember those details anymore. I love how Dilberto describes every shot with surprise and then claims the shots were not accidental.

  13. jheizer2467 says:

    Watching these, helps me with our play as a team in APA! I am the captain of the team and have chances of calling time outs to help my players win. Varner made some shots that just didnt help him and could have taken an easier rout. That is y i call time outs for my players on team. GREAT MATCH TO WATCH TY 🙂

  14. yoyoyojeremy says:

    this channel is awsome!

  15. ham4fun says:

    great channel, should start showing some wheelchair billiards on here sometime. some really good players in it.

  16. 48brianm says:

    great vids cheers

  17. Larrygallis says:

    I can’t imagine what I’d do without this channel at work, oh yea, work…lol

  18. datang1 says:

    If efren and nick get locked up in a tactical battle, who will win?

  19. BloodyFingerz says:

    that fucking guys always chewing gum..

  20. datang1 says:

    If efren approaches the table at 37:21, i am sure he will go for a 2-cushion kick and try and make the 9

  21. ihcug90 says:

    @BloodyFingerz to help him concentrate

  22. ihcug90 says:

    @datang1 bata reyes! varner is good, but he’s not a magician XD

  23. ihcug90 says:

    @datang1 just to clarify; right cushion, bottom cushion, off the one, nine in left side pocket? i cant see any other way >.<

  24. lemonite1 says:

    I think these are the only two players to win the U.S Open back to back.

  25. B16bitch says:

    lol @ 57:10

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