Pro Billiards – 2003 US Open 9-Ball Champ: Hall v McCready

Help support BCn, by shopping online @ for all your pool and billiards needs. This is the first match of the 2003 US Open 9-Ball Championship. The Rifleman Buddy Hall needs a steady hand against the shake, rattle and roll of the the Earthquake Keith McCready. Buddy displays his Hall of Fame talent, while McCready proves he’s worthy of a Budweiser sponsorship. Buy Cues @ Accessories: Balls: Cue cases: Table Cleaner:

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  1. thebattttt says:

    LaLa Land. LOL Any decent short stop in the country would rob any of the top women players at 10 ahead for the money. A short race has too much luck in it. And forget about one pocket, any pool room has several shooters that would rob them. How many women are on the road matching up for money? None.

  2. natureboy84 says:

    I actually got used to listening to Jim for awhile. He doesn’t bother me as much as Billy Incardona or whatever the hell his name is. Billy is the one with the lower homo-erotic voice. He’s fucking nauseating to listen to and should be fired from the booth. Once he starts, he never shuts the fuck up. God I can’t stand that douchebag.

  3. bigwills7thchnl says:

    Mcready is such a great character.For the life of me i cant understand why ESPN devotes almost all it`s slots to WPBA events and Trick shots.I`m not saying i dont enjoy the wpba,but IMO the game the men play is much more exciting and fan friendly

  4. MrKinghuman says:

    the spots on the cue ball is the worst idea ever, takes away the magic. if you watch snooker its so much more enjoyble because the balss look like they are floating, its beautiful. take away the red spots and maybe even the numbers???

  5. paypointpal says:

    Can somebodt tell me why he’s allowed to move the cue ball where he likes at 5.30. Sorry, i dont really know the Rules for American Pool.

  6. dchen345 says:

    is mccready a rainman?

  7. benhesford says:

    Beautiful kick at 22:59

  8. rodbabin says:

    back in the early 80’s these were two of the best 9-ball players, still great to watch these two play

  9. clintox33 says:

    I know someone that used to be on the road with Mccreeady and said this guy is stupid cause he misses matches and very irresponsible

  10. jskeen23 says:

    Jeanette gave Tater and Terry Stewart the 7 ball at DCC and won over 30,000 each time not sure exact amount. Both those guys are shortstop or low A players.

  11. puffyduxxs says:

    mcgready a good legend and a drunk loser too…

  12. 89Slh says:

    @natureboy84 i don’t see anything wrong with incardona’s voice. I don’t like him that much as a commentator but his voice is totally normal.

  13. juanguita says:

    this is the drunkest sport ever

  14. juanguita says:

    OMG…the trashiest announcers, the trashiest athletes!! love it

  15. PROFNINES1 says:

    i watched Mc cready walk into the green room at the SANDS tourney in Reno in 1991 and jumped up on a table at the direction of Bucktooth and yelleed any of you World Champions want race to 7 for 10 you got the 8 and NO ONE SAID A WORD how good could he really have been?

  16. deepzak says:

    ohhh remember his face lol;;; he act in color of money,, a unique stance

  17. B16bitch says:

    nice rack!! 38:05

  18. joeygonzo says:

    At ProfNines1, was Earl there?
    Earld would have robbed Keith.

  19. RyanWatchesNaruto says:

    i prefer a pink 4 ball to the purple… it just seems brighter and weirdly fits in more

  20. lemonite1 says:

    Danny D tells a funny story how McCready got kicked outta school.There were bullies in his gym class who knew McCready had cash on him,so McCready asked his Gym teacher to hold it for him. “Sure kid, how much?” “Twelve thousand dollars.”He never went back……..

  21. rams25 says:

    yeah, but they suspended him or something, thought he was dealing drugs or something.

  22. datang1 says:

    LOL at 00:59 – 01:01 when ralf do the handgun (Y)

  23. onemorebrando says:

    Keither with the ether strikes again!

  24. MrMotastic says:

    @krumz06 Out of curiosity, what do you think of Tony Drago?

  25. pigdisposal says:

    cool it with the double cheese burgers there buddy

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