Precision Drill: Pool/Billiards

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  1. thepoolguy789 says:

    i like to say that your videos are explained very well and easy to understand.
    I would like to know if you know what is the ratio of getting the 8 ball on the break.
    I heard on TV that in 9 ball the ratio is 1 in 33.
    I would like to know because I made the 8 ball on the break over 300 times.

  2. forcefollow says:

    I would say the percentage is low. 1 in 33 sound reasonable. However, pool is a sport where statistics have not been compiled over the years like baseball or football so a reliable stat for pros does not exist.

  3. thepoolguy789 says:

    thanks for responding to my question. so do you think the ratio is about the same in 8ball as in 9 ball. i just played in the us amateur open over the weekend and i got the 8ball on the break 4 times all on different tables 2 on saturday and 2 on sunday. I do study the rack and i break from the side which i think will give me the best percentage of making the 8 on the break. even though i want to make the 8 on the break i’am really trying to get the cueball in the center of the table + ball

  4. Rogiboyy says:

    Hack Side w w w . carom-hack . t k

  5. 10pAdvertising says:

    you can sort of work it out – think how many games you have had and work out what percentage of them games you got the black in off the break, so if you have played 3000 games and got the black in 300 times, that is 10 percent so a ratio of 1 in 10

  6. josephkallifffraude says:

    Can someone help me? What’s a drill and what’s a English?

  7. josephkallifffraude says:

    What is 8 ball and 9 ball? And what is getting the 8 ball on the break? and what is that ratio haws to do with snooker, how is the ratio method used? can some one help me please? im a beginner…

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