Prayingmantis and MostViewedGirl Pool Trick Shots

Prayingmantis72 demonstrates pool trick shots with MostViewedGirl.

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  1. lachlanSB says:

    wow, your my hero prayingmantis, also your woman are hot.

  2. w4t3race69 says:

    she seens prettycomfortable up on that table there 1.39

  3. w4t3race69 says:


  4. skimalot2618 says:

    3333 views make a wish

  5. dravarian26 says:

    2:03 how can she not flinch?!

  6. punkrutherford says:

    too bad that cue ball didnt bust that window at 1:41 muahahahaha

  7. 9013430 says:

    2:04- 2:07 DOG!!

  8. HOTforCHiC says:

    hot chic u got there! lol.., ;)) xo

    ~ Mariana

  9. ImDoinYourMum973 says:

    Nice Dancing, xD.

  10. HOTforCHiC says:

    Who’s that HOT CHiC? xoxo

    ~ Mariana

  11. AKCartahh says:

    This is da dude that served you ice cream from friendlys……you werent lying….and yea the hot chic is in the video too lmao. nice you got some skillz!

  12. jmasemax says:

    Really funny, good !

  13. x0TuRn0x says:

    really cool!

  14. drobeast18 says:

    anybody go here cause of ericsurf6???

  15. cchope1 says:

    @drobeast18 nope

  16. mindciller says:

    ooh, very nice

  17. jeremyolson84 says:

    Dude it would have been awesome if he missed ctaching the ball at 1:40 and it busted out his window.

  18. dev653 says:

    lol funny when she catches the ball and they break out in dance .. awesome

  19. Jared2324 says:

    she is quite attractive

  20. Arizonaaaaful says:

    Wow you’ve really mastered the masse shot.

  21. Arizonaaaaful says:

    You two are truelly amazing, some people are just a little jealous. Let the croud cry out with disapproval, then blaze in your glory.

  22. Casinoplr says:

    great to meet you in the poker room last night….great videos !!!

  23. ArkansasGillum says:

    Thats amazing skills …Whats the story behind the moniker PrayingMantis?

  24. ultranoob32 says:

    first of all, youre great. second, did the girl ever get hit. third, if you are actually this good, dont waste your time on youtube and become a pro in the trick shot pool stuff. big bills involved

  25. BartjeOstend says:

    Greats shots amigo !

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