Pool trick shots

An awesome collection of trick shots performed by Mark Shepherd on an English pool table, including jumps, swerves and moving ball shots.

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  1. 13babybomber13 says:

    Truly awesome!!!

  2. TheBigfishcatcher01 says:


  3. daconmiked says:

    i had to comment twice . this is just so breath taking . i wish i could do at least one of those shots . peace .

  4. PSNrounder14 says:

    ohh my god 1:50 …

  5. McChriZzo says:

    god job..

  6. ModernRedneck13 says:


  7. Robertinho952 says:

    absolute amazing mateee……

  8. Lexaprof2105 says:

    Crazy shots man!! You have skill. No doubt

  9. SirSkizz says:

    nice shots!

  10. eugenemichigan says:

    WOW!! you are GOOD DUDE!! 😉

  11. Drimerz says:


  12. csrfc1873 says:

    amazing, could you put up a tutorial on how to do the one with the shoe. Saw a boy called jason at the world championships do it and its soooo cool

  13. blackrider1998 says:

    he is good!!

  14. Medish101 says:

    1.50 best trick ive seen

  15. Vmasta27 says:

    they are very good… a couple of them pretty doable… actually i can do a couple but the one that actually made me gasp was the 1:48 one… and 1:08 was pretty cool, first time i see that one

  16. isaboy1994 says:


  17. nydeucesfilms says:

    wheres the magnets lol

  18. pwnagelicious says:

    lol at 1:56 i can only do 2

  19. 18enneforever says:

    cool video

  20. morethejamesx39 says:

    fantastic but in one you potted the cue ball

  21. DSFalcon47 says:

    Not too shabby!

  22. PurpleLotus92 says:

    what black magic is this? lol.

    is there a special cloth that you use for your table?

  23. Instas says:

    the epic cue chop was awesome

  24. gplash says:


  25. connor31514 says:

    nice song amazing dude your great i love the last trick

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