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An incredible compilation of trick shots by me…. (suite) Ajoutée : 24 novembre 2007 An incredible compilation of trick shots by me.the pool like you’ve never seen before…so enjoy!

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  1. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    I’m getting proper aramith balls for my birthday in 2 months!:D

    My masse should improve..

  2. LaLiam0608 says:

    wait what? lol. that was so cool keep up the good job 😀

  3. venomtrickshots says:

    thks!I’ll keep it up, dn’t worry^^

  4. footbaluso10 says:

    wich tip do you use?

  5. footbaluso10 says:

    I mean… for masses…?

  6. venomtrickshots says:

    Le Pro 14mm

  7. TRISEDMICE says:


  8. iatepieforsupper says:

    wicked skill, man…

  9. jlowellb says:

    good job, keep it up. 5 stars

  10. juamkarloz89 says:

    i saw ur videos… these r nice… n i saw gurls too… after u make ur trick shoots, u fuck them or not??

  11. venomtrickshots says:

    haha, who know??? i live in france…the country of love!!
    Btw thanks for your comment!

  12. acertm says:

    Honestly the best trick shot video I have seen on youtube. And I have seen a lot! Brilliant!

  13. dimutza says:

    respect man..

  14. BurtonReingold says:

    Real nice video!

  15. PyroDK1 says:

    nice vid. what kind of cue are u using?

  16. pivotpro7873 says:

    omg thats incredible, i bet theres a guy under the table with a magnet…

  17. keenster14 says:

    hey, what happened to Angel Town?!?! Damn WMG

  18. killerkeeper24 says:

    lol great video, but do u drink alot because every cup u used in the video had to do with liquor

  19. Hacksforprizes says:

    2:49 is best

  20. Tinhamodic says:

    Mad skillz! Peace bro!

  21. tmac3323 says:

    lol could also be the fact that for the most part, pool is a bar sport =P so maybe its like to appeal to that kinda audience or somethin =P

  22. Weeyumsan says:

    I need to drink beer with this guy.

  23. zx1200rgreen says:

    You are amazing!

  24. dougiepoolable says:

    what kind of cue is it at 0.35 secs in

  25. SomeFatLlamas says:

    2:43…… O.o

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