pool trick shots video 32

an other pool trick shot video of me, not the best but some shots are good…

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  1. chipper1050 says:

    Really good video ! and I like the bonus at the end, you did it well 😛

  2. venomtrickshots says:

    you speak about the pyramid shot?thanks for your comment!

  3. venomtrickshots says:

    many thanks ppooler again!yes some shots are very hard, but they seems not for the public, but you you know this^^, the long masse was horrible to made, so difficult to not touch the cue, same thing for the out of the rack cueball, a nightmare of precision!!, and the “kamikaze” shot is great i think, easy, impressive and funny, the perfect trick for a show^^

  4. venomtrickshots says:

    thanks, and we must congratulate “the hurricane ” to invented this shot, absolutely amazing!!

  5. fisharefun12345 says:

    your just amazing. The best I’ve seen 5 stars all the way. G.C.

  6. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Dude I love it and you put the “moon” shot in there….Amazing as uaual….

  7. t0mbuzz says:

    well Venom, i’m speechless… wish i could give you 6 stars just for the massé between the cues and your ultimate pi shot…

    oh yes, and you included my Salmon jump 🙂 i now did it with 6 blocking balls 🙂

    so, when will you be competing with the pro’s? i think you are certainly up to the task 😉

  8. dabestracedriver2k8 says:

    your new video! damn your getting better, better and better. you definitely should go to those tournaments that Yow, Semih Sayginger or Mike Massey goes to.


  9. fisharefun12345 says:

    couldn’t be better. Rock on! G.C.

  10. omega3697 says:

    I like the long masse between the cues. Very nice!!

  11. supercueman says:

    Thaxs! venomtrickshots for mentioning me with my leap of faith shot. keep it going, you got some great orignal stuff.hope to see you in 2010 artistic pool events. Rob”the Hurricane”Peacock

  12. psykoyow says:

    Nice! Keep up the good work.

  13. fredlethai says:

    bordel de communiste avarié ! j’adore , je kiff ,a donf lol. plus sérieusement , tres tres bien .tres original , imaginatif a souhait et meme des foi drole .j’adore le dernier coup.continu comme ca et tu va passer pro lol !

  14. SteveMarks2217 says:

    3:30 is just crazy…I have never seen this one done before….Did you make that one up Venom ???

  15. venomtrickshots says:

    no ive not invented this shot…I saw it on the trickshot legend video…watch it…

  16. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Ok i’ll check it out….

  17. NeverSummerX says:

    yeah its “the legends of trickshots 2006 kiev” such a good video. nicely done venom

  18. SteveMarksFilms says:

    Change your video description man, every video that you come out with is AMAZINGLY GREAT…;)

  19. SteveMarksFilms says:

    Change your video description man, every video that you come out with is AMAZINGLY GREAT…;)

  20. poolerbart says:

    what name this song???

  21. venomtrickshots says:

    Digitalisme, the 13 track on the last album, i think but not sur^^

  22. SMAP12sky says:

    how to u like curve it and make it go backwards and stuff

  23. nomadessmokegrass says:

    Purée, trop fort OO
    Tu t’entraines beaucoup ?

  24. venomtrickshots says:

    merci!euh oui ^pas mal mais depuis cette video jai encore évolué jette un oeil a ma derniere video!!++

  25. maverickDK2 says:

    when he curves it round and rack any movement like tht is called english good job venom

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