Pool Trick Shots V.1

Great trick shots done by “The Praying Mantis” in 2006.

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  1. lilcriss93 says:

    Amazing !!! You take the best Classic trick on pool trick shot !! Very nice video !!

  2. Prayingmantis72 says:

    Hey Homie Yow. I am going to the tap rally in the valley tournament. It is at the same time and same place and same floor as you will be so I will see you show off. I will do more artistic tourneys, trust me. Also my masse video will be up soon, want to work on it a little during feb vacation. This video is two years old and easy shots.

  3. curly98765 says:

    nice video mantis

  4. emuskova says:

    great performance … i like ur style.

  5. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Wow this one is really interisting….

  6. sworddancerofdoom says:

    awsome dude

  7. kevinmegen says:

    Great video man, I’m currently working on my new video, I’ll let you know when it’s on.


  8. colincolenso says:

    Some nice shots there prayingmantis. btw. Thanks for the nice comments on my stroke shot vid!

  9. vmcavay says:

    thanks, did you check out my masse video?

  10. stacymendrick says:

    This is great! I love the fireplace… omg you’d never get me out of that room! I love the shots, they’re great! You did a great job putting it together. Wish you were going to the Masters! Hopefully Stefan & I will get to see you soon!

  11. kolaas2006 says:

    nice indeed.. a few of them are unique, others ive seen on youtube quite alot. Especially the one with 3 cues (railway shot I believe?) actualy I start to hate that trick shot. And I also dislike trickshots where a cue leads the balls to a pocket.. 3 railshots arent that hard, so next time dont put the cue under the rail. But 4 stars anyway cuz of some real cool tricks!

  12. bissca says:

    You’re the best Mac!


  13. Sarahsmile2 says:

    I love all of these creative and unique shots. The song goes so well with the shots. It’s obvious that you know what you are doing, and I hope you stick with it for a long time because you have such potential!

  14. gstelzer93 says:

    yo those are mad nice

  15. LoNgOtHeLeGeNd93 says:

    wow, the last one…

  16. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Hey Rick what is the name of this song ?

  17. unitedflanders says:

    Wow, incredible !!! That has to be one of the best video’s about pool i’ve seen on youtube !!!

  18. Prayingmantis72 says:

    dont be sarcastic! this video was a joke.. it was the first one i ever made with very easy stuff.. check out my other videos..

  19. unitedflanders says:

    It wasn’t sarcastic. Some of those shots weren’t easy stuff. I hope i can do some of those tricks one day.

  20. bondservant4Him says:

    this dude is ridiculous!

  21. Prayingmantis72 says:

    this is nothing! this is when I had no idea how to shoot pool! check out my other videos!

  22. bondservant4Him says:

    lol which video is your best?

  23. Prayingmantis72 says:

    you decide dude.. i like my trick shot insanity videos but check them out dude.

  24. poiislifelifeispoi says:

    ugh…so many hours spent at the bar..haha jk…

  25. TSBillards86 says:

    wow some of those tricks were awesome

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