Pool Trick Shots One-Handed

Jesse Allred doing pool trick shots one-handed.

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  1. iannie007 says:

    i usually dont like trick shot videos as theyre mostly set -up shots or masse shots but i can appreciate your video knowing how hard it is to stroke one handed. pretty cool.

  2. littlesniper07 says:

    Thats some great shooting bud!

  3. gavinperson says:

    Wow this is a really good video, i like it. thumbs up!

  4. chrippe24 says:

    that was really good very intersting 🙂 x

  5. wDawks says:

    I liked a lot…that was a neat video, thanks for the msg.

  6. billybigs1 says:

    Very cool video, you had some great shots!

  7. TargetManProductions says:

    Hey thats cool!

  8. jessejallred says:

    @iannie007 Thank you. I usually don’t like the set up shots either, they don’t really have any skill to them.

  9. CarlMPearson says:

    Great stuff. I’m a BCA instructor and, no, I will not be adding that to my curriculum. Nor will I be as quick to jump up and take proposition bets from anyone offering one-handed, jacked-up competition. Very enjoyable, keep it up. Carlo ~ Dallas, TX

  10. geometrololi says:

    great stuff man.im liking it.subscribed n_n

  11. atravesdelmonzon says:

    A great movie!

  12. losdilla says:

    Nice work! good video.

  13. thecollectioner1995 says:

    great pool tricks. 🙂

  14. chris75041 says:

    Some great shots! And one handed none the less! You sir, win all my internets for a week!

  15. jessejallred says:

    @chris75041 you rock Chris! thank you

  16. brozo89 says:

    That was simply awesome! I reckon you turn a few heads while playing in your local poolhall.

    Btw, what’s the music in this video?

  17. jessejallred says:

    @brozo89 the song is “green onions” by booker t.

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