Pool Trick Shots: Masse Mania

Inspired by Eric Yow’s trick shot madness: Masse insanity

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  1. ndolimpio says:

    rock and roll train-AC/DC

  2. froman412 says:


  3. froman412 says:

    i love ACDC


  4. keenster14 says:

    I am going to an acdc concert in feb next year! 😀

  5. froman412 says:

    u are so lucky

  6. keenster14 says:

    I know 😀 My mum had to call the radio company 77 times to get tickets 😛

  7. froman412 says:

    dang! 77 times?!

  8. patrickpicache108 says:


  9. t0mbuzz says:

    try keeping your bridge hand closer to your body instead of loosely in the air. you’ll be able to get a lot more spin and a lot more accuracy out of it because you can then hit the ball with greater force! just a little helpful advice 😉 keep it up!

  10. mikaiah1 says:

    whats the sheet

  11. TheFk12 says:

    ROFL someone is sleeping while hes shooing on a coud ROFL

  12. VP1R4T3 says:

    0:45, 1:26, and 1:53 aren’t masse shots, but everything else is decent, man.

    You got skill.

  13. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    They all are technically masse shots. A masse shot is giving the ball spin so almost all shots have some sort of masse and the spin doesn’t have to be dramatic.

  14. VP1R4T3 says:

    Masse – A steep curve or complete reversal of cue ball direction without the necessity of any rail or object ball being struck, due to extreme spin imparted to the cue ball by a steeply elevated cue.

  15. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    i’m not going to argue with you. My definition is from all pro’s and the National Pool League acually wrote it. If the ball is affected by spin it is masse and any spin except right in the middle is a masse. What you are describing is an artistic pool masse almost never done in games.

  16. VP1R4T3 says:

    So you’re saying that this video isn’t artistic pool??

  17. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    How? It has all artistic pool shots except 3 and those 3 are shorter masse shots.

  18. VP1R4T3 says:

    Okay, look at it this way, pal. 0:45 is an artistic pool shot located under the ‘follow’ discipline. 1:26 is an artistic pool shot, located in the ‘draw’ discipline. 1:53 is a foul – A push shot. So it almost has to be an artistic pool shot (seeing as it’s the only game that allows these sort of shots) which would most likely fit under the ‘stroke’ discipline considering this discipline contains many shots requiring the similar set up of the cue ball in relation to the contact ball.

  19. REVPR0DUCTI0NS says:

    great shootin. wish i had my own table so i could do this

  20. REVPR0DUCTI0NS says:

    was that printer paper or a tissue?

  21. Billiards4Ever says:

    @REVPR0DUCTI0NS its a small peice of felt, so you dont put a hole in your tables normal felt.

  22. snakesandreptiles97 says:

    hello what size pool table is it? please?

  23. jessejamesjlp says:

    why do u put tape on da table<? so u wont miss it up or sumtin

  24. souljaboyrox622 says:

    wow great video

  25. Billardplayer1 says:

    Nice Tricks.. Watched my Trickshots all poolplayer or fans 🙂

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