pool trick shots (live show)

www.trickshot.ro a selection of gabi visoiu’s live pool trick shot show, aired on local tv. Although it has been edited, the show was done in front of a live audience. watch more on www.trickshot.ro

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  1. SickDrummer24 says:

    nice vash!!! good job, id be so nervous to do that in front of an audiance

    5 stars!

  2. vashvas says:

    i was nervous too, lol

  3. SickDrummer24 says:

    well u did good, i do see u did make a (few) mistakes but everyone does it

  4. Kickflip1993 says:

    only 108 views, that video is sick. cAN YOU GIVE ME THE SETUP OF THE SHOT AT !.!( PLZ

  5. vashvas says:

    sorry, i didnt understand what shot u were talking about

  6. Kickflip1993 says:

    sorry i meran the shot at 1:18

  7. timmy74712 says:

    far out man thats a bunch of goood tricks nice vid

  8. dabestracedriver2k8 says:

    he says he can’t believe the video has 108 views and he wants the setup shot paused at 01:18.

  9. num1brother says:

    ya how in world do u do the move at 1:18 its so perfect…

  10. sabyn223 says:

    am citit pe protv magazin despre tine. felicitari pentru medalii si tehnica ta de joc.
    chiar ai terminat in liceul george cosbuc? te intreb pt ca si eu sunt acolo si vad ca stii si engleza

  11. Billardplayer1 says:

    Nice 🙂 Watch my Trickshots

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