Pool trick shots clip by sam 3

Another compilation of some trick shots. www.samtrickshot.qc.tc

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  1. chipper1050 says:

    Just use a program to edit videos. There’s Windows movie maker, Ulead Video Studio… Try looking for pragram like these and after it should be easy.

  2. mksuralta says:

    look at my set of pool tricks.I copied some of your tricks cause they’re so aswome.

  3. mksuralta says:

    can you teach me how to do the last shot please?

  4. chipper1050 says:

    I watched your videos. They’re really nice ! I’m glad you like my shots.

  5. chipper1050 says:

    For the last shot, you have to set the balls like I did. You have to set the cue ball in line with the foot spot between the middle pockets and the first diamonds. 2 balls must be frozen the cue ball and the balls must be in line with the middle pockets. There’s one ball 1 inch from the foot spot and 1 ball is frozen to this ball in line with the left pocket. The 4 last balls are in line, in the middle pockets. Make sure the balls frozen to the cue ball can get in the side pocket !

  6. matiquielma says:

    You are a really good billiard player, (for your age) don’t stop practising

  7. WSKG62 says:

    Un grand bravo!!! ça fais plaiz à voir! ;-D

  8. SickDrummer24 says:

    nice tricks…..check out mine

  9. allesinobi says:

    nice some of ur shoots are very hard 5 stars because of them!

    check out my videos too

  10. venomtrickshots says:

    great video.Very difficult shots!! Je te donne “seulement” 4 étoiles parce qu’il manque des massés lol Continue comme ça! venomtrickshots[dot]com

  11. thedoooood says:

    nice…….. watch mine


    gringos hp yo los rompo esos trucos son para niñitos to amateurs I`m much better

  13. SickDrummer24 says:

    he doesnt need a bigger table, u just need to get a life…..

  14. tmac3323 says:

    im on sickdrummer’s side lol, and at least he has a pretty good variety of shots, lookin at ur vid, i got bored with all of the jumps lol, too many XD

  15. thedoooood says:


  16. alexfurniss says:

    check out my vid type in alexfurniss and click the top one

  17. gstelzer93 says:

    nice shots dude

  18. t3hm4n says:

    1:45 = my respect to you.


  19. dabestracedriver2k8 says:

    Well done!

    And you mastered Eric Yow’s 14 + 1 on 01:46 Apart from that you do a 9 + 1…that is most probably that the pockets fill up.

    Great Job!

  20. 123Kad00 says:

    good job

  21. LoNgOtHeLeGeNd93 says:

    Nice… well done

  22. loopycaleb says:

    look who’s talking.

  23. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    Well said 🙂

  24. xXMaudeex says:

    c’est fou sérieusement : O
    je te lève mon chapeau .. surtout pour le trick de 1:45 et le dernier de la fin !
    t’es vraiment bon, honêtement ! : )

  25. frankgohabsgo says:

    les gars vous êtes trop bon lacher po ses trop cool fake cé sa eske vous avez rerencontré les gars de r-force tk go les gars cé mental……………………..

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