pool trick shots by vash

www.trickshot.ro My first promo clip for www.trickshot.ro. Maybe not the most impressive shots, but definitelly some of the toughest.

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  1. Donal1996 says:

    I would love to be able 2 put that much spin on the ball.Nice trick shots man. 🙂

  2. sman158 says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! I wish i could do at least 1 of those tricks

  3. gixxerchamp says:

    sweet vid. keep it up

  4. corinabordeianu says:

    ce melodie e pe fundal?

  5. EcuadoriansUK says:

    i cant tell if its fake or real

  6. BIGBOSS7078 says:

    i would hate to vs this guy in pool

  7. MIHAIrrr says:

    Be serious,It’s 100% real. By the way, this guy happens to own 4 World Championship gold medals.;)

  8. Monkeygal1000 says:

    you are freakin cool.

  9. shorty00104 says:

    nice man! wish i can atleast get half of one of those trick shots done lol!!

  10. wildcard749 says:

    crazy shit man crazy shit

  11. gearsofguitarhero says:

    holy crap!! 1:30

  12. TEAMdumpsterbrain says:

    i like 0:24 but every one was good ;-}

  13. dante6797 says:

    wow epic dude just epic 😀

  14. POPNLOK says:

    the only one i knew how to do already was the card trick..LOL

  15. jimthegr8 says:

    this is vash?????

  16. PWNALL471 says:

    idk but i want to know to…

  17. RoflCopterClan says:


  18. krillansavillan says:


    nope, but he’s a damn good shot

  19. uploadmanny says:


  20. mech112200 says:


  21. utube4life says:

    i got a answer for you is that what your face is like?

  22. deathsage1001 says:

    are you vash12349

  23. A7XOwnsNoobs says:

    This is NOT vash12349 people. Jeeezz…

  24. 74maddawg says:

    You ain’t vash12349

  25. CoronaPr123 says:

    Go on America’s got talent.


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