Pool Trick Shots 3

Compilation of pool tricks by a 15 year old on a 10×5 Snooker Table. (Bigger then most of the trick shot tables) = 10x harder,more spin, power and accuracy Amazing outstanding awsome good funny commercial pool snooker trick shot billard masse spin cues UFC Pride boxing…

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  1. packman852 says:

    go to time 1:28 its pretty cool

  2. peppepazzoide says:

    is crazyyyyyyyyyy

  3. AJRM18 says:

    how is 2:18 even possible?

  4. SteveMarks2217 says:

    2 cues together

  5. myntic says:

    awsome ,and nice table

  6. LeggoMyMango says:

    holy shit u r amazing!!!!

  7. bariguru says:

    You are like . . whoa

  8. karimzone says:

    good tricks but get a better camera

  9. kratos3212 says:

    holy crap dude!!!
    1:28 ur like the best pool player
    ive ever seen!! ever!!!

  10. punksta600 says:

    people must hate you when u challenge tables

  11. TheskilluserPl0x says:

    2:18 is possible because theirs 2 sticks just their behind each other so yuo cant see but these are good players.!

  12. xBCxGhoSTReAPeR says:

    2:18 WTF

  13. zeek1607 says:

    bad ass dude

  14. paulk198712345 says:

    Maybe, maybe not. Bit different being able to do trick shots than playing a game. Alot more tactics in a game, and i expect alot of them shots took him multiple attempts. Still some very good trick shots in there though!

  15. CuNnY1212COMETHROUGH says:

    class i play i cant do 2:18 – 2:32 amazing 5/5

  16. SnookerDaBest7 says:

    Cool table, cool tricks

  17. bananacharlie says:

    The last shot… Pure arrogance. Yeah 30. Wrangle.

  18. LoveLyricalRideX says:

    Awesome! 😉

  19. zeh0the0don says:

    you have the gift!

  20. omardragon1 says:

    1:26 i like that one the most

  21. zachsocool16 says:

    too much free time …. good shooting

  22. ryanlikescheese says:

    Umm yeah… It does take diff stuff in a game… But the title is trick shots. Not game tactics

  23. trifectablogging says:


  24. pau230 says:

    not bad

  25. Tbone155817 says:

    Thats cheating! lol

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