Pool Trick Shots #3 by Daniel Kozlak:With masse’s!

Amazing pool trick shots by a 14 year old! (me) Including jumps and even masse’s!

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  1. council001 says:

    i can do masse shots…but not like that
    how do you get them like that?
    i try and the cueball just loses all its speed and power

  2. arturotar says:

    you’re pretty good

  3. trevoricass says:

    nice video man! i have a question how do you like that masse twister tip i was thinkin about gettin one myself cause i cant afford new simonis felt right now and i got house felt on my table

  4. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @trevoricass i would recommend to get it but it still scratches the felt as you can see in my pool tutorial video.

  5. mellerth says:

    hey, could you make a tutorial on the shot where you have 4 balls lined up on the side pocket, and they all break away in different directions? please

  6. mellerth says:

    hey what website did you get your twister tip from?

  7. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    i’ll do it some time but I have so much school work right now!

  8. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    Sorry but I really don’t remember. Just look up the twister tip on google and you’ll find some really good prices. I got mine for like $20-$25.

  9. mellerth says:

    ok thanks

  10. REVPR0DUCTI0NS says:

    glad you learned how to properly jump.

  11. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    I’m glad you commented! Thank you very much!

  12. acdc10133 says:

    really really impressive stuff, great masse

  13. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    Thank you very much!

  14. alexfurniss says:

    great masses and nice tip

  15. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    practice makes perfect!

  16. manuel34569 says:

    What is the song?

  17. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    the prayer-kid cudi

  18. punkrutherford says:

    @xxxsnowleoparxxx hey weird question lol whats on the tip of your cue stick? i play pool alot and im on 3 leagues a week and i can do some of those trick shots but i have never seen a stick with something wrapped around the tip like that lol

  19. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @punkrutherford its a twister tip masse tip. it doesnt damage the table.

  20. kanebp22 says:

    You are the Man! I can’t decide which video is my favorite. Unbelievable stuff DK. You should incorporate some baseball into your shots

  21. MrTopoduran says:

    look man i prefer the others cuz they were more natural

  22. punkrutherford says:

    @xxxsnowleoparxxx oh lol maybe i should get one cuz my lucasi is denting my table lol

  23. TheSimbob14 says:

    I read it, cool video.

  24. tsultimatum says:

    @xxxsnowleoparxxx hey where can i get one of those. Iv been looking and i cant find one. Also can you recommend me a masse cue and where to get one? Iv been doing a ton of masses and my table is getting messed up.

  25. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @tsultimatum I use a twister tip masse tip. You should be able to find it on google. I just use a regular pool cue so I wouldn’t know about masse cues but I know that you can only find the good ones online and they cost about $100 so I would recommend just putting the masse tip on your regular stick. Also, the tip completely protects the table from damages but be warned, it does leave white spots on your cloth if you hit it hard! That is the only flaw, but other than that I highly recommend it!

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