Pool Trick Shots 1By Daniel Kozlak

Comment, rate, and subscribe. These are ok shots. Pool Trick shots 1. Amazing! Tags:Pool Trick Shots Montage masse jump jumping cue ball white billiards snooker bank banks Pools Shot Amzing Cool unbelievable sweet dominoes pizza cake lol idk masses masseas naster master world globe…

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  1. drj90210 says:

    Absolutely amazing. I’ve thought of myself as a decent pool player, but I’m definitely not nearly on the same level as you. I was able to reproduce some of the “easier” trick shots here, but most of them are way out of my league. Extremely well done!!

  2. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @drj90210 thank you! Comments like yours make my my time worthwhile! Have you seen my newer trick shot videos?

  3. drj90210 says:

    @xxxsnowleoparxxx Just saw trick shots #3 now! Still picking my jaw up off the floor. Keep it up! You’re definitely on par with (if not better than) the pro’s that I’ve seen watching billiards on TV.

  4. TheWBarry says:

    Your next goal would be to learn how to jump properly — 1:55 – 2:00 the art of jumping while hittin the top portion of the ball takes practice. All the best

  5. punkrutherford says:

    @xxxsnowleoparxxx just so u know those jump shots are illegal that isnt a proper jump the was a “scoop” and those arent legal in league or tournament play……………… sorry 🙁 everything else was kinda cool though 🙂 alot of them werent complicated they were basicly angle shots with balls placed just outside of the cue’s way ………… sorry again haha lol

  6. poolshark1254 says:

    Ok ive watched this a few times… is it just me or at 1:07 doesnt the 8 start to fall without even being touched… seems a little bit odd to me.. would anyone else care to weigh in on that?

  7. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @TheWBarry Already 1 step ahead of you 😉

  8. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @poolshark1254 hahaha Finally some one has found it!! Its been more than a year and you are the first person to notice! The shot itself was acually an accident because the ball was leaning so far off the edge that when the cue ball hit the bank it just fell in from the force. Awesome find! I just put that shot in there to see if anyone would notice! I think I should put a hidden shot in every one of my videos from now on!!

  9. poolshark1254 says:

    thanks 😀 haha dont listen to these idiots giving you greif because you scoop… these are tricks not regulation pool… morons…

  10. TheWBarry says:

    @poolshark1254 YOU ARE CORRECT!

  11. tholc123 says:

    damn, great job on all these shots, your great at pool

  12. thefiveofjokers says:

    love it:)

  13. themarkokotovski says:


  14. Billardplayer1 says:

    Good Tricks .. 🙂
    watch my Trickshots

  15. cometesss says:

    for sure it takes 100 trys at list to make 1 trick

  16. cometesss says:

    for sure it takes 100 trys at list to make 1 trick 🙂

  17. nNorthWestern says:

    couple really nice shots m8, you have probably noticed it already but your stroke is pretty stiff if you get it to accelerate more smoothly and follow thru better it will improve your game alot, anyway nice job keep it up

  18. xagta says:


  19. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @xagta Thank you very much! 🙂

  20. ImKarmasBitch says:

    I love your table!

  21. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @ImKarmasBitch Thank you! A lot of $!

  22. Dintzi1 says:

    sorry what table is it please give me a pm thanks a lot

  23. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @Dintzi1 It’s called the AMF Play Master. Sorry for the delayed response. I’m not sure about any of the details about it but I know we waited for the cloth to be ordered for like 5 years because it is that scarce. It’s truly an amazing table!

  24. dman9987 says:

    do some tutorials plaese.

  25. xxxsnowleoparxxx says:

    @dman9987 Tell me what shots from my videos to do them on. I already have 2 tutorials up also.

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