Pool Trick Shot Intro

New intro for videos created by www.youtube.com

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  1. Meechree says:

    Sweet deal

  2. HeyThatsHolly says:

    Great intro 🙂 awesome trick!

  3. PanamanianMan317 says:


  4. MyNamesAustin2 says:

    Awesome =D

  5. DJPeaceful says:

    This is very cool dude, pro style! Cheers Rick 😉

  6. JAJtrickshots says:


  7. KungFuMastur says:

    Thats sick!

  8. Shilltacular says:

    this is sick, I want one

  9. ChadAgWing says:

    You won’t steal a car…You won’t steal a wallet…You can’t hit balls like Prayingmantis72 can!

  10. 0123z says:

    nice skill, sir

  11. boingyfly007 says:

    Boy do I wish I had adobe after affects

  12. NEVERMORExxxxx says:

    WoooW! It’s great-Pie*

  13. akpokemon says:

    Ha ha dude EVERYBODY uses freakin’ iMovie these days!! ha ha ha

    And it’s a little long, eh? With one this long, people are gonna want to skip it and wait for the vid to load again

    But it’s really cool! I like it a lot! I’m not saying I don’t like it at all–It’s epic! I’m just thinking about what other people might think but I could be totally wrong. Cool!

  14. BartjeOstend says:

    The intro is cool but the music dont fit completly with the text, or you should change the timming by cutting the song in pieces and addapt it , or you change the time of the text. It’s a bit long as well. It depends what you want of course 🙂 All the best bro.

  15. NDJPro says:

    really nice! if i had one suggestion it would be not to use the same transition between all of the titles.

  16. footballsk8r says:

    @boingyfly007 I thaught it was sony vegas

  17. garyoldman4me says:

    looks really cool 🙂

  18. wannabekunok says:

    Sorry, but way WAY to long intro. I wont be bothered to see a 35 seconds long intro each time.

  19. Norsklol1 says:

    kinda long, but cool 😀

  20. Leifstuan says:

    70% intro and 30% footage lol

  21. Prayingmantis72 says:

    wow.. sorry everyone that not many people seem to like the intro.. I will shorten it to just say prayingmantis72 then.. thanks for the comments!

  22. iDeFaultx says:

    you should enter compititions for this type of stuff

  23. cindytravels2 says:

    that was way cool!!

  24. natedsmeclipse says:

    if your going to make videos do more than just one trick shot.

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