Pool Trick Shot – Billiards – Chopsticks

“Chewy” – Mike Chewakin from Fargo, ND showed us this trick @ the MN ACS State Championships in March, 2007. Very impressive!

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  1. omega3697 says:

    Very creative!

  2. JOSH505050123 says:

    That was awsome i gotta learn that.

  3. spankyevo says:

    Super easy and fun

  4. if7084 says:

    Nice. This should be the next variation for billiards AND SOME RULES TO GO WITH IT.

  5. radumedved says:

    astai pizdetzu…ggg…

  6. ttysonn says:

    Sweet man, he got it first try too, nice

  7. rossadam001 says:

    Thats mint lol

  8. metheking34 says:

    okay why you make a video of doing this too

  9. KlammerGregor says:

    ahaha thats funny

  10. khalidcannon says:

    that isnt even a shot. it is chopsticks

  11. narutopuppylover says:

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  12. cfc5jt says:

    why do you belive in the shitty chain letters

    nice invention of pool

  13. fizzo20 says:

    lol that’s awesome

  14. kampire9 says:

    This is most likely the best thing i’ve ever seen done in billiards

  15. Prayingmantis72 says:

    Ive been playing pool for 19 years. This is truely impressive.

  16. thriller79 says:

    some people have such amazing talent!

  17. meigaspool says:

    please visit meigaspool video

  18. Beattice says:

    he sounds like billy maze

  19. BenjiStone says:

    It is just me, or deos this guy look like the guy who plays Frasier’s dad? lol…

  20. emotionaL2533 says:

    it pisses me off

  21. BartjeOstend says:

    very impressive amigo. Well done.

  22. BringItOnXD says:

    now thats a true asian XD

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