Pool Stroke Part 1 of 2

Sorry for headless camera angle. Part one of two.

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  1. wikkidthoughts says:

    Thanks for the info/advice…very helpful. I consider myself a B player, but fundamental reminders are never discouraged…

  2. KellyHat says:

    hey man, the vids that you have posted are a wonderful education for anyone interested in the world of billiards. what your doing is very commendable, Thank you so much for what your doing. Hats off to you kiddo. great job.

  3. Daminatovideo says:

    The back pause in the stroke seems to be important because of the logic of two opposing muscle groups, you have the bicep and triceps fighting each other at the exact moment of pull back and release. Supposedly this can cause your stroke to kink or elbow to move. The pause allows a straight stroke with not opposing tricep friction. Golfers do the same thing. Unfortunately for me, I found this out too late and the pause is not second nature in my´╗┐ stroke. But I do it sometimes.

  4. ProdigyKimXP says:

    @Daminatovideo I find it strange someone marked your comment as spam.

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