Pool meets Dominos. Very cool trick shot

A trick shot with dominos and pool balls that starts on one table before moving on to three others, via pool cue bridges. Pretty amazing stuff. Very sexy trick shot

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  1. rasberrypixi says:

    hahah all i hear is dong di dong chiky dong di donggg lol

  2. usama495 says:

    master of balls

  3. xvlGRLMGRLNlvx says:


  4. MrAnaih says:

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  5. jessejallred says:

    Check out my one handed pool trick shot videos also.

  6. 44TheChamp44 says:

    thats funny

  7. jessejallred says:

    If you want to see the most awesome one handed trick shot video ever visit my channel!

  8. MrMartinHead says:

    @TheOnlyPopjie123456 It was two pool sticks side by side, but it’s still great

  9. monkeys8myhw says:

    pause at 0:00 and hold the left arrow key. it will let you play snake i garauntee it

  10. DxDyDzD says:

    @monkeys8myhw wow how did u find that out

  11. GuerrillaMaster says:

    @monkeys8myhw what the fuck did you do to it i just tried it on like 3 other vids and nuthin happened???

  12. ipodtouchacker says:

    “uh guys… i forgot to press record”

  13. ipodtouchacker says:

    @monkeys8myhw deosn’t work

  14. ipodtouchacker says:

    @monkeys8myhw hahah nevermind thats awesome

  15. lilaznbltz says:

    momma told him he couldn’t win 4 in one shot…. guess he proved the bitch wrong.

  16. ImMattthew says:

    Holy Shit :S

  17. HardcoreJeroen says:

    Thats why i still play with dominos

  18. goldswimmer97 says:

    @HardcoreJeroen, ditto

  19. NoNo121912 says:

    NO WAYY!!!!!!!!

  20. noyourgayHD says:

    Guys look up “best invention ever funny” you will be sofaking amazed!!!!

  21. gladiatorlover94 says:

    First off that was fucking awesome. But sorry don’t speak FLUENT FUCING FRENCH

  22. rhandom1 says:

    I wonder how long that took him to set up…

  23. checksummedchest says:

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  24. kirstiShae says:

    Aight, how many of you were also thinking “Ok dude we get it now stfu, stop explaining in your stupid fucking french, and show us the fucking trick already!”??

  25. Snowboardin100 says:


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