Pool Lessons & Billiard Instruction – Set & Slow Back Stroke

Pool Lessons & Billiard Instruction – Set & Slow Back Stroke. See more at www.insidepoolmag.com

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  1. Agamirana says:

    die labbert ganze zeit

  2. Minus021 says:

    i like the way this girl plays.and plus she`s hot!!

  3. ELdASenSei says:

    hubbahubbaHUBBA!!! 0.0

  4. severio619 says:

    I love u samm!!!!!!

  5. robbone4 says:

    I just keep my cue moving to look cool, like I’m gonna stroke the hell out of that ball

  6. mahpiohazi says:

    This is a great lesson video. I’m having some difficulties in my shooting — I can see the target on the object ball, I can see the angles — but I think I’m doing something wrong with set position and shooting. Your advice here helps and makes sense and I’m going to give it a try tomorrow night at pool. Thanks!

  7. batacohugo11 says:


  8. KungFuChess says:

    good tips thanks!

  9. Malleck1 says:

    Good job!!!

  10. HD1K says:

    blowjob :))) i want from her

  11. rdm33rd says:

    lokk at the fat guy in the back at 2:50

  12. EverLivingFire says:

    the best two minutes of instruction on the two most important “secrets”/essentials in the game

  13. neneplatinoo says:

    hoooo! i don´t speak english hahahaahaha

  14. ariqisrockin231 says:

    Good tips, but she isn’t supposed to create a hinge with her wrist and arm like in 3:01.

  15. bob31605 says:

    >>>ariqisrockin231…her stroke technique is very good and it IS supposed to be hinge like..get good like her foo !

  16. alkoholika says:

    great stroking technique! and one more thing about this video. She has a great stance, if you notice how low is her head to the cue ball like her chin is almost touching the cue while stroking, that is very important. Focus on how you hit the ball and where you will hit it.

  17. sigermansi says:

    in spanish please???i can t understund everythings you say.subtitulos en español por favor,gracias.

  18. gachviet says:


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  19. Corai12 says:

    playing Yes – Roundabout, on the back of the video

  20. BEATNIKCASS says:

    this is so much better than the rip-off “expert village” stuff—-their vids go for 60 seconds so they get lots of money from folk viewing—-this insidepool mag mob is better—-thanks.

  21. MRCALIfornyay says:

    thumbs up if u would totally do her and deliciously

  22. tfotfotfoo says:

    I like your tutos ! Thanks a lot 🙂

    nabih.a@hotmail.com if you can help me more i love POOL GAMES

  23. missingeyeslannard says:

    is she playing a samsara?

  24. momo87205 says:

    1 year ago

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  25. ta6aka10 says:

    OMG so cuuutee I want her for my personal teacher !!! <3 :***

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