Pool Billiard exercise “follow drill” with thorsten hohmann

an exercise from the PAT 1 (playing ability test) DVD Series. Played by straight ball champion Thorsten Hohmann

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  1. beankey says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. triggerhppy says:

    the mail man came ova so u decided to play a game with him?

  3. soundmushroom says:


  4. StanShuffett says:

    Perfecting Billiards requires “Knowledge” Highly Recommend the Award Wining Billiard Sanctuary Academy of the Cueing Arts. billiardinstruction dot com

  5. jamie29790 says:

    this looks like an intro to a german gay porno

  6. jimjones90 says:

    wtf is with the music?

  7. alinderman says:


    By Knowledge do you mean spelling words correctly? (wining??)

    You don’t have to breed snot-nosed champion wannabees just to live vicariously through them… just practice… a lot.

  8. oandkchang says:

    I see he drops his right elbow (see last two
    shots) on the stroke.

    Noone seems to admit this. But it makes
    sense to do it (to let cue tip rise).

  9. derwahreTJ says:

    I think its more important to do this for not drawing the tip down than drawing it up

  10. oandkchang says:

    Correction – Since my post, I learned that the tip should go down.

  11. dotamaster123 says:

    @oandkchang there’s a difference in elbow drop between a professional and an amateur, professionals are well aware of their elbow drop which amateurs don’t. Elbow drop in professionals is what they used to generate a what u can call it “J” Stroke which allows the cue to go in a straight line after the hit, but when amateurs drop their elbow, it will cause the shaft to rise upward on the follow through

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