Pool Best Magic Trick Shots

One of the best perfect magic trick shots performed ever.

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  1. 1truffle says:

    practice makes perfect

  2. rosssco25 says:

    Nice video, Check out mine and tell me what you think … I am just starting out but I dont think they are to bad!

  3. NIM18154 says:

    That was crazy good!!!


    1:20 holy shit!!!

  5. AJCospa says:

    Ching Chong

  6. weezy151JP says:

    holy shit

  7. Rasen6 says:

    He’s gonna get mad asian women for this! lol.

  8. Rasen6 says:

    This dude deserves 6 stars for a performance like that

  9. TheUltimateBrendan says:

    that dude is a crazy ninja!!!!!!

  10. hockeyrox615 says:

    k this guy is not human. enough said

  11. Persadish says:


  12. TellerOfTheStars says:

    @ around 2:02 my dad can do that except with a broom handle but its one of the older and a lot thicker broom handles bout 2 inches wide

  13. AlexJBragg says:

    @ohmtex it wouldnt matter hes japanes, he could do the impossible

  14. sourcream098 says:

    On one I swear there’s a magnet 5 stars still

  15. zefphf says:

    further proof that Asian people have magical powers

  16. DearSantaclaus says:

    i’d never thought there’d be an asian that could handle a long stick…

  17. AlbondigasDeMierda says:

    I dont know why the japonese are good in all what they do… :O

  18. TheZakgenius says:

    Im a very good snooker player too! But no where near as good as him!!

  19. mightyole says:

    only the japanese…

  20. Mathurankan says:

    Double Shot, Multi Shot, Fantastic, Unbelieveable, Unbevlievable+

  21. ChristinosRules says:

    only 2 shots that he made impressed me. lol thats because im tryin to learn them

  22. IAmUser1Was says:

    wtf 2:35

  23. kingofbirds07 says:

    i wud hate to play pool with this guy…

  24. xkipx says:

    This guy can NOT play pool… look at his stroke, it’s ugly, and wobbly. ANYONE can make most of these shots if it was just lined up correctly

  25. MrKillJoy200 says:

    Asians can do any-thing…. XD

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