Pool Basketball Trick Shots

My friend and I made a bunch of crazy basketball trick shots in my pool and filmed them. As seen on: ESPN SportsNation Oops! TV (UK) Part 2: youtube.com Part 3: youtube.com Part 4: www.youtube.com *50000 Views ~ Sunday, November 23rd * Thank you to all subscribers and fans!

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  1. Maadvideos says:

    CLASS!!! take a look at ours and tell us what you think….we have a few so make sure to have a look at them all!!

  2. LocoDino5 says:

    watch my pool bball vid theyre better than this trash

  3. jakms3343 says:

    it took 3 people to edit, 2 people to film and 2 people as ‘stunt men’. *sigh*

  4. Booyakasha2424 says:

    this is retarded. how does it get 160,000+ views.

  5. pimmelophant says:

    get cancer!

  6. JoeyMHockey21 says:

    @courtsideballin no lie it does

  7. mrman1147vidoes says:

    also the 28674 times they missed

  8. outrageousshots16 says:

    Hey Guys,

    That is some pretty cool stuff.
    Be sure to check out our videos, We are one of the few legit trick-shooters around.
    I guarantee you wont be dissapointed!

    Thanks Bro’s,


  9. 2atbbs says:

    at least they rnt inside talking shit on their youtube accounts they r actually doing something

  10. superdudeman467 says:

    flip shot is very impessive.

  11. mrltfan21 says:

    Fake and gay anyone can do these

  12. scotthebott says:

    @kaptinkrunch47 it helps for me

  13. hgjkmas says:

    0:47 <<<ze best xDD

  14. naruto10191 says:

    @mrltfan21 if anyone can do them where is you’re video?

  15. redunkuliousballer says:

    2:28 goes in

  16. ME2freak says:

    amazing but that was not a basketball

  17. xdFyy says:

    nice video, check out my basketball videos…thanks

  18. 3threatagy13 says:


  19. BroTiconderoga says:

    awesome video check out rage brothers amazing basketball shots

  20. onemorechance9084 says:

    awesome vid

  21. pollordubai says:

    It’s not that impressive, with enough time on my hands, a swimming pool, a basketball and willingness to perform the tricks, I could do this.

  22. halolife123 says:

    @kaptinkrunch47 also you don’t know your position relative to the basket

  23. Rman00111 says:

    Hey check out our basketball trick shots. It is first on my favorites tittled Germantown´╗┐ Globetrotters. Thanks

  24. The99DODGER says:

    pretty cool vid

  25. thesportsman1000 says:

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