Pool Basketball Trick Shots Part 2

Part 2 to the original basketball trick shot video. We spent a good two days filming this, so we hope you enjoy it. Part 1: youtube.com Part 3: youtube.com

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  1. glund23 says:

    check out the video called “pool basketball insanity”…..much better

  2. gfromtha713 says:

    Is this a joke? POOL BASKETBALL INSANITY has the best pool trickshots!

  3. 011GaRcIA011 says:

    thats cool

  4. burberry24 says:


  5. kimbiberstein says:

    you guys suck major dick..

  6. Zetswey says:

    @glund23 no actually ye do mainly dunks to a net 2ft above the pool o.O these guys take long shots

  7. c00kiem0sterB124 says:

    What song is dat?

  8. tehRoXzor says:

    lulz dude you got teh cancerz?

  9. hillsdale13 says:

    that was beast watch my shots

  10. mattwin88 says:

    I love it. keep em comin

  11. Lookatmeifuckedu says:

    You are easily Jewish

  12. MyAnthony3 says:

    how deep is your pool

  13. SuperCool328 says:

    dude that’s so boss haha

  14. Captain0Spaztastic says:

    the last one is crazy

  15. LocoDino5 says:

    check out my video of this

  16. RooDooInc says:

    Check our amazing basketball shots videos

  17. MrMasonz says:

    I Love How The Bald Guy Does All The Cool Shit. 😛

  18. TechGraphix962 says:

    agian minei is better

  19. gchtteotd000 says:



    Man this aint nothing… Come check out the pool basketball video named “amazing pool basketball trick shots and dunks”…. I just put it up and it is sick! just type in pool basketball in the search and it is like 4 or 5 down. Here is the video in the response ^

  21. outrageousshots16 says:

    Check out our basketball trick shots, we are beyond underrated

  22. sgplayer1987 says:

    just curious…how many takes per shot?

  23. wilmaninthehouse says:

    stunt men/camera men and editors!!!!!

  24. pashkacha29 says:

    0:56 that is what she said

  25. killerxnight says:

    really good! Does he have cancer?

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