Pool Ball Trick Shot

While I prepare the next camera phone trick… Here is another excerpt from my television series “The Virtual Magician”. No actors, no camera tricks. (Not real magic either…) I hope you like it… BTW: You can get the DVD of the television series (6×26 minutes jam-packed with my magic) here: www.yourmagic.com

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  1. dagger68 says:

    the odds r like one out of 52, multiply by the size of the card divide by the size of the whole table, multiply again by the the energy from the cue stick that could vary from 0.1N to i dont know how many Newtons. now u tell me the odds guys?

  2. virtualmagician says:

    2cmore are up already ! thanks for watching.

  3. roanduff says:

    i posted that before i found them they still amaze me cant wait for number 9

  4. lithion says:

    audience probably has no clue whats going on. its always simpler than you think

  5. UltimateDragonite says:

    >_> the girl didnt even look at the card at the beginning

  6. iddqd12002 says:

    lady tries to hit card… it’s clear!

  7. slainte23 says:

    Quit trying to expose the trick. You’re all so smart I can see but keep it to yourselves and just let people enjoy it. Oh yeah, I love it when hot girls wear shirts like that when they play pool.

  8. Scotscan says:

    i’d love to play pool with her lol

  9. ermond says:

    >< how does that work out :S

  10. dsfsdffsd says:

    wow!! that’s was awsome!! I liked this one so much!

  11. gameboy25 says:

    ..haha! i got that one ;p

  12. andy55055 says:


  13. rayzorium says:

    How can people figure these out so easily? >.< I'm dumb.

  14. crissblaine says:

    i like how the eight ball landed pretty much at the same spot whre it started.

  15. pimanrules says:

    obvious, but cool. pm me for answer

  16. YEahsasdh says:

    Do you still remember what the card is? “No…” LOL! wtf

  17. oddball455 says:

    lol fake, u can tell cause the people didnt c ehr card yet they new it when he pulled it up, and because she would have made that shot if she played,

  18. DevineMagic says:

    She did not look at the card…

  19. VisibleNoiseRecords says:

    Cool video – but its true, she didn’t look at the card!!

  20. shaiza90 says:

    anyone who thinks its fake=dumb

  21. crazzyguydj says:

    if I would have hit the ball I would have hit it to where it landed on the other side of the table so he had to walk around to get it.. i don’t know how he did it but that probably would have messed him up.

  22. mikealhambra says:

    she;s hot

  23. LierV says:

    I know how its done however I am pro magician so I will not tell soon I will start my own tricks and then check my vids right now I am just playing around with youtube.

    cheers LierV

  24. Kurasa93 says:

    yeh it’s not so difficult…i mke the magician from about 6 years and those tricks still be nice….

  25. ShmexyNinja says:

    Yeah what woulda happend if the black ball hit the side and then sunk into a pocket? Game over?

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