Playing Billiards : How to Hold a Snooker Cue

When holding a snooker cue, consider using an open bridge instead of a closed bridge, as snooker cues taper much more quickly than regular American cues. Understand the difference between snooker and regular cues with information from an experienced billiards player in this free video on recreational sports. Expert: Joe Nichols Contact: Bio: Joe Nichols has been playing the game of billiards for approximately 43 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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  1. Help4Noobies says:

    hahaha he sed foller trough

  2. g4llic says:

    Your Brittish accent is horrible!

  3. scotteccles1993 says:

    snuka LOL

  4. joewizard100 says:

    lol SNUKA

  5. jpchen0321 says:

    im sorry, but telling ppl how to hold a regular cue doesn’t exactly explain how a snooker cue is held

  6. Bagomaster says:

    I don’t think he is british T_T

  7. whufc116 says:

    snuka cue snuka cue snuka cue , lmfao i couldnt take this guy seriously

  8. TheAdamant94 says:

    that is NOT a british accent! for christ sake there is no ‘british’ accent, theres scottish, welsh, irish, and a whole manney of english ones from where you live. and yet for some bizzarre reason americans seem to think that british have an accent. The most common ‘british’ accent to americans is some odd posh one which doesnt exist no matter where you are…

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