Play89 Pool Trick Shot – TheBottle

This pool trick shot shows how Vincent Facquet make the white ball pocket the red one, jump, hit the top of the two balls on the bottle and make the green ball fall and on the bottle. Amazing.

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  1. shaybazel says:


  2. lightman5525 says:

    computer generatd

  3. jjsthe4th says:

    sorry to disappoint you, but these guys do this stuff live.

  4. Bellemyhero says:


  5. kklliihhnndd says:

    thats pretty cool

  6. believeinbanana says:

    how did he get the ball to balance

  7. kingtoure1 says:

    Impresive, most impresive!!

  8. ELDCTORhima says:

    How many time he toke to make it like that ??????

  9. najsEboy says:

    haha fail look the green ball doesnt get in or is it mean to not? XD

  10. kukkakeppi132 says:

    @najsEboy it didnt mean to go in… the trick was that the ball over that green falls to greens place…

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