PART 1 – Amazing Pool Trick Shots (Artistic pool)

Trick Shots Special Carom3D by TrueSpirit – 14:30 minutes VERSION WITHOUT CUTS ENJOY

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  1. pspbasti says:

    i have the same cue 🙂

  2. 3drafael3d says:

    kraleo q viciado o0
    esse tem q ir pro guines book

  3. drydrydessert says:

    try to spell pool right hatincanin

  4. FUZEBALLE says:


  5. UFC0789 says:

    great vid how do you edit them so well ?

  6. UFC0789 says:

    this is mint mate keep it up

  7. PedroSemNick says:

    muito bom mano! vc merece os parabéns kara =D joga demaiis ^^

  8. BoesesNam says:

    u dont need to write a comment for your own trick thats pretty lame

  9. marceluh69 says:

    sry mf mas naum eh vc q ta jogandu… mas q eh bom o video eh

  10. POLOKiffer says:

    woow mf

  11. Niksana951 says:

    where can i buy a good pool table? small 😀

  12. FinalDestinationLife says:

    Magnet …Loser

  13. keenster14 says:

    if you actually knew how to do “masse” (this is one of the 8 disciplines in the PROFESSIONAL shot list) then you would know that it isn’t magnets. Obviously you are the loser because you don’t even know what your talking about. If you don’t know, then don’t say anything

  14. Feyxo says:

    nossa cara c eh mto bom parece ate mentira! parece ate q nem eh brasileiro q ta jogando, parece q eh asqueles japas profissionais e fanaticos por billard (brincadeira). Vc eh mto bom parabens msm!

  15. dinglesprat says:

    Wow, you are stupid if you think he used a magnet

  16. TwelvestringWonder says:

    Awesome Shots… but i really like the fact that you put your mistakes in there as well.

  17. maneh84 says:

    @Feyxo É a imagem que o brasileiro tem do brasileiro.
    Sinuca=Bar=Cerveja=Aposta=Puteiro=Dinheiro Sujo…
    Fora daqui esse cara ia ganhar uma nota!

  18. Kazranit says:

    Awesome shots yeah. But….it kinda takes away the awesome factor when your playing on a table where you dont have to worry about ripping it…i mean how many shots did the pool cue hit the table? makes it alot different than if our not trying to hit it

  19. ozziehustler says:

    The table gets struck in almost all masse shots. The cue tip striking straight down onto the table won’t harm it no matter how hard you do it. It’s only if you strike the table at an angle that you’ll do the cloth any harm. Or if your tip comes off in the shot (which unfortunately does happen from time to time). But really, almost all the harm that happens to the cloth from masse is from ‘ball burn’ which will happen whether you hit the cloth or not.

  20. fr0z0ne0wnz says:

    wow who wouldnt like this….. ( 2 thumbs down….)

  21. rhythmicrhyme91776 says:

    it’s not a magnet this tricks have been done before and some of the tricks are just set up shots if you notice it might look advance but he isn’t there isn’t any trick that’s even over 3 pillars or 2 the hardest tricks are 3-6 pillar+ cause even set up shots can miss as every angle you miss by is a big difference where these 3 or less pillar short even you miss by a significant portion it’ll still go in

  22. rutiquer says:

    con esas bolas asi de pequeñas lo hago yo tambien chalao

  23. D34THGL1D3R says:


  24. MrZombificated says:

    i think you’d rape people in a game.

  25. keebordcowboy says:

    so you are stil under education, Padowan ???

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